Why do I continue to watch Valvrave every week?


I dislike the characters, A-Drei needs a life, I’m not following the plot, and Haruto’s a walking punch-bag. And don’t get me started on the main character’s designated waifus.

It isn’t for the fanservice or for the mecha battles, then what keeps me from dropping this and moving on to other mecha anime?

…Ah. Nevermind.

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About Naru

Possibly one of the most laziest bloggers of the aniblogosphere. Would you like some evil with your coffee while I talk about my eccentric life?

4 responses »

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Moral of the story, chicks dig neck bites and pretty boy vampires…or something.

  2. l-hay-ling says:

    Belle au bois dormant, permettez moi de laisser un baiser sur vos lèvres afin que je vous réveille… Ah non c’est plus Bella que la belle au bois dormant, excuse.

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