Day 11 – Favorite mech series

One Of The Most Known Robots In Anime History

I don’t know the mech genre much. I’ve watched a few anime left and right that had a few mecha scenes, but that’s all. In my early childhood, I remember watching G Gundam (For today, I had to search for the correct Gundam series I watched, seeing that there are many different Gundam series out there), a few reruns of Golderack, Ghost in the Shell and another mecha anime which I unfortunately forgot the name.

Domon Kasshu, the main character of G Gundam

For today, my choices were very limited. There’s only one mecha anime I’ve watched around a year ago and that I would consider as my favorite mecha anime:

I want this calendar! But I already have my Reborn one…

Code Geass, if I can compare it to any other known anime, is like Death Note with robots and lots of fanservice. There’s the famous “My best friend is my worst enemy” thing going on which mostly creates the suspense in the anime’s second season (Yes, there are two seasons of this anime). Apart from some scenes that were frustrating, Code Geass is a really great anime. The fact that CLAMP did the character design too is a big plus, unless you don’t like tall, shojo-ish skinny people.

Apparently, there’s a third season of Code Geass that has been confirmed at the Japan Expo! I can’t wait!

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