Day 18 – Something moe

That’s um, really a wide challenge for today. I’ve mentioned before on Day 15 how I avoid most moe things because it’s something that just doesn’t appeal to me: I find it a bit forced. But I do find certain things moe however, such as Chibi characters- Can I consider Chopper from One Piece Chibi? I’m not sure- or little anime girls (Somehow it feels wrong writing that).

When I think moe, I think of this: A cute boy in a maid costume. Or is it supposed to be a girl? >:{D Poor Satoshi…

I find the singer/cellist Kanon Wakeshima very moe, but since she has no relation to anime, I can’t use her for the anime challenge unfortunately.

It was only when I searched through my anime images that I found “something moe”. It was from an anime I watched around January or even before that- my memory is still unclear- anyway, it was a pretty good anime and I was a sucker for the emotional scenes.

The main character cried a lot, but that was a part of his cute charm. He is twelve, and he’s been though a lot in his life.

Hiroyuki Asada, Studio Pierrot, Tegami Bachi, Lag Seeing, Steak (Tegami Bachi)

Lag and Niche (and Steak) from Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee.

Lag and Niche are the cutest main characters I’ve seen in an anime. Lag, the main character, aims the goal of becoming a Letter Bee, a delivery man for the government in order to find out more about his mother that was kidnapped. He also wants to become a Letter Bee to meet again with Gauche, a Letter Bee that “delivered” him to safety just after Lag’s mother was kidnapped.

During his little journey to become a Letter Bee he meets a special little girl he’ll name Niche, who volunteers to be his Dingo (delivery helper) when Lag will be a Letter Bee.

Lag and Niche definitely fit the criteria of moe and when you watch the anime, you just can’t get enough of them.

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