Day 20 – Favorite shoujo anime

Please forgive me for worrying you guys about what I said yesterday. I have a little problem with my internet and I have no idea when it’ll go out on me and when I’ll get it back. Right now my dear sister is trying to take care of the situation as quickly as possible before internet decides to quit on us.

Ouran’s Host Club welcomes you! Wrong moment? Opps.

I think it’s unnecessary for me to explain what the term shojo means, but then it wouldn’t hurt to explain it briefly.

Shojo, literary means “Little girl”. Among us fellow anime fans, we use it to refer to anime or manga for the female audience that mostly includes the following elements: Romance, Clichèd situations, and happy endings. For example, if the famous story of Cinderella was ever adapted into a manga, you would call it a shojo manga.

Most of the anime I’ve watched in my life were shonen (for boys), so I haven’t seen a lot of shojo anime. I really do love shojo (manga), but instead of having the curiosity to search for new shojo anime, I prefer to stick to my favorites or to listen to what my friends advise me to watch.

An anime I strongly recommend you to watch. Seriously.

This is my favorite shojo anime: Eden Of The East. It was produced by the studio Production I.G and its character designs were made by the shojo mangaka Chika Umino.

The story is a bit complicated to understand, but the scenario is worthy of a Hollywood action-packed movie.

Eden Of The East revolves around a terrorist act referred as “Careless Monday” for the reason that on a Monday November 22, 2010, ten unknown missiles hit uninhabited areas of Japan. Three months later, the real story starts in Washington D.C with a woman named Saki Morimi who is on a graduation trip.

During her visit to the White House, she gets into trouble and is immediately saved by a mysterious Japanese man who calls himself Akira Takisawa and appears to have no memories of who he really is. Before he saved Saki, he found himself naked, armed with a gun, and with a cellphone charged with 8.2 billion yen.

Later on, Akira discovers that his cellphone is actually an important tool to a game in which he is participating in. The game consists of 12 players (called Seleçaõ) who are given 10 billion yen and have to use it for the good of Japan. They are also helped by the phone operator Juiz, who can fulfill any order given (Example: You can ask her to fire three missiles in Antarctica, she’ll do it without a problem). There is a problem however with the game. If you run out of the money given (suppose you used it up for selfish reasons), or if the winner is chosen, you are to be eliminated.

This hardly sounds like a shojo, but the romance is there. It’s just a bit subtle to see compared to your average shojo.

See? They’re holding hands.  AND they get to kiss.

The anime consists of 11 episodes, but we get to see the conclusion of the story with two movies: The King Of Eden and Paradise Lost.

Shojo fans might not seem interested with the anime by the resumé I gave, but come on, the Saki/Akira moments are worth it. There’s even a love rectangle~!

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