Day 22 – Favorite Boys Love Couple

Out of all my friends that love anime, three of them are total Yaoi fans, or as others call it, Boys Love fans.
I’m not as into it as my friends- The lack of real plot in most keep me from enjoying them- but there are some that are very good. My favorite BL couple is from the anime Gravitation, a story about a boy who becomes a famous singer and has to balance his career and time with his lover, Eiri Yuki.

Shuichi is such an idiot…Especially in front of Yuki.

I never did watch the anime, but the manga really is something to check out. If you don’t like Yaoi, then I understand.


4 thoughts on “Day 22 – Favorite Boys Love Couple

  1. J’espère que l’une de tes trois amies c’est pas moi sinon je te fais la tête au carré :/
    Yoshima x Satou de His Favorite
    Je ne sais pas si je te l’avais conseillé mais c’est une vrai petite perle ce Yaoi :) Faut que je pense à regarder Gravitation et Junjo Romantica

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