Day 25 – Best anime villain

-gigglesnort- Today is finally my favorite day~! I couldn’t wait to smother you all show you guys my favorite anime villain. I can’t say he’s the best, but he’s pretty damn awesome in his own way. Before I present to you -insert favorite villain name- , I’ll show you who I think is one of the best anime baddies.

Yeah, -cool pose behind burning village- I like destruction, women, and fire. That’s a bad guy.

I was bound to insert something Kenshin-related sooner or later (this is oromywhat). Makoto Shishio was the first main bad guy defeated by Kenshin in the anime. If my memory is correct, the battle was held in Kyoto when Kaoru and the others went to bring Kenshin back to them.

My seven year old self used to call him a crazy pervert who was jealous of Kenshin- I was partially right. Makoto was always accompanied by a woman who didn’t understand the meaning of distance, and he was a psychotic who survived in the face of death once. Too bad he didn’t the second time, am I right?

Er, yeah…Not funny.

…We move on to the essential part of today’s post for me. The guy’s young, attractive, powerful and smart but would never be able to defeat Freiza even if he tried. We all know the only one who can do that.

If he was real, I’d be running away right now.

Kamui is the older brother of Kagura from Gintama and is a ex-space pirate captain. No one knows why, but the boy has an obsession with strong people, a trait similar to saiyans. So everything we know about him is: he kills people while smiling (to send them off with a smile as a sign of respect), covers himself in blood, attempted to kill his father and sister and has a creepy murderous stare. Awesome stuff for an 18 year old lad.

Wait until you see him lick blood…

I’m still wondering why I like him…maybe because his jokes are funny? Or is it because he’s badass? I’ll get back to you in a few Gintama episodes.

‘Cause you didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.

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