Day 26 – Your favorite harem anime

Harem is an anime genre I’m not too fond of, but as always, there are exceptions. One of them is a very popular anime that has transformed many men into the otaku of today (at least in my country), Love Hina.

I would have preferred posting a summer picture, but what I found were a little too much…Blame me for being a prude D:

While I think it’s unneeded to summarize the story, in reality I have never watched Love Hina (Go ahead and hit me). My only knowledge of it comes from the dating sim game I loved to play years ago and a friend of mine who is a big fan of it. I have thought of watching or reading it, however, something mostly keeps me from completing that action. And to think I want to watch Ah! My Goddess before the end of the week.

Nope~! My name does not come from this Naru.

From what I’ve collected, Love Hina -ahem- seems like a great anime with attaching characters and all the blah-blah you normally hear in good critics: Good art, good story, good ending. I personally have a girl crush on all the girls, especially Ms. Tsundere Naru, and Keitaro is a lovable loser that reminds us of ourselves, except for the fact that he lives surrounded by beautiful women who all have a more or less crazy crush on him.

…If I wasn’t a heterosexual girl, I would call him a lucky son of a gun.

My challenge is almost complete~! Then I’ll get to my real J-pop culture posts (once or twice a month).

Oh, I’m not into Arashi and a happy birthday to a guy who’ll never acknowledge my short existence, Jun Matsumoto. Happy 28th birthday, you sexy, sexy man.

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