Day 28 – Favorite pokemon

Since I have a long day today consisting of visiting some family members even though I spent an entire week’s energy yesterday when I went to Paris, I posted this challenge up early.

Aren’t they kawaii~!

While people of my age have given up on the Pokemon franchise since long ago, I’m one of the rare ones that continue to buy the video games like little kids with big allowances. I’ve played Black, Heart Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Leaf Green, Yellow, Crystal, and Blue. I gave up the habit of always choosing fire pokemon when I started playing Diamond. So basically yeah, I’m a Pokénerd.

Typhlosion, my favorite pokemon.

I name her Emily (-ignores deadly silence-) in the Pokemon dungeon games, but in Heart Gold, since it is a he, I have given him the awesome name of Natsu because, well, it goes with his pokemon type. So don’t judge me

Only two days left? What you talkin’ about man?!


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