One Piece in Paris

As hoped, I have enough time tonight to write down a little post before I start class this Monday and disappear from the internet for a few days. Blame it all on my cruel professors (and especially my economics professor XD) if I disappear for more than a week.

This afternoon and also the day before yesterday, I took a little trip to Paris with some good friends of mine. We had planned to visit the Eiffel Tower, go to the closest museums (since it’s mostly free for us students) and take a tour around the Clamps Elysées, the place where there are all the expensive brand name stores and interesting shops.

My main goal the other day, apart from having fun, was to find at the very least an school food punishment album to add to my usually-only-Kanon-Wakeshima-albums-collection. I didn’t find it at the end -Just some visual kei and Anna Tsuchiya- which was a big disappointment, but what I found next changed my mood for the better.

Chopper is cute even in big~!

Virgin Megastore is holding a pop-up One Piece exposition until September 20th. Since One Piece is the number 1 top-selling manga in France after Naruto, the 24th August, the new One Piece movie was premiered all over cinema theaters in France. If I’m right, the last time a Japanese anime had such a privilege, it was with a Dragonball Z movie back in the day.

I found it scary that the Ace statue from the Japan Expo was here.

Along with the comic books and manga, they were also selling the DVDs of the anime and first movie, some goodies like mugs or pens, and a lot of One Piece t-shirts. I had my eye on a pretty Zoro one, but it was a bit expensive and besides, I already had a One Piece shirt I bought in July.

The colored comic books that were right next to the manga volumes of One Piece.

Too bad for my otaku self, the friends that were with me weren’t anime fans of any kind, so I hurried up and picked some goodies that were practical for my classes. It was only when I came back home that I realized that there was a big embarrassing error that I’ll talk about later…

Today, I didn’t expect to pass by Virgin Megastore again with the same friends. What I saw today made me jaw-drop — Luffy, Robin and Franky in front of the store, being harassed by Japanese tourists that took pictures of them and teens that wanted to pose with them (and see what Franky had under his underwear).

At least my friends seemed to have fun…

Seeing this picture, I can now perfectly confirm that this is kirigumi cosplay. I’m a bit frightened. I wanted to see Sanji and Chopper too

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