Usagi Drop, The Review

Missed me? I’m sure you have. As predicted, my economy classes sucked the energy out of me and left no more for my other classes. And to think it’s only the beginning…Well, I know you’re not here to see me whining about my free time being gone. On to the review, shall we?

It’s finally over! -sniff- I miss them already.

 Usagi Drop is an eleven episode anime based off by the manga by Yumi Unita and revolves around the moving relationship between Daikichi and the illegitimate daughter of his grandfather that he adopted, Rin. Though the episodes, each one involving an important step into adapting Rin in Daikichi’s life, we see the bond between Rin and Daikichi slowly turning into (a closely natural) one of a daughter and a father.

What Naru thinks:

Darn adorable kids!

 It’s official. I want Kouki as my future son and Rin to be his sister. Just let me get the fastest plane to Japan and find a Daikichi clone – I’ll work it out somehow.

Honestly, I couldn’t help but keep squealing similar to a rabid fangirl during the cute child-parent scenes this anime had to offer. The anime’s plot is already captivating enough for its realistic side; Did they really have to make all the children freakishly adorable? Thanks to this anime, I evolved into one of those cheek-pinching creepy aunts that come over to visit every holiday. Yeah, thanks a lot Unita-sensei.

Ain’t he a cute one! Say hello to your second mom – Okay, I’ll stop now.

 I’d love to insert in this post a little information on the manga and how it’s the direct squeal of this anime for those who already enjoyed its adaptation, but since I prefer not writing big spoilers on my short anime reviews, I’ll resist and stay quiet about it. Why, you ask? Most people who already knew Usagi Drop by name before the anime came out know why. It’s your choice, either enjoy this simple ending, or read the manga to find out the rest of this heartwarming story.

Good Points:

  • The children are as adorable as you were when child
  • The true side of Japanese society in the eyes of a single parent is shown
  • The anime makes you wish you were one of the parents – Daikichi or Yukari (Kouki’s mother)

Bad Points:

  • Art a bit too simple
  • The ending
  • Too much development on Masako that didn’t mean anything at the end
I’d swear that butcher’s kid is Tintin’s Japanese cousin.

I’m giving it an A, for being a memorable anime. When the DVD box comes out in my country, I’ll be the first one to get it. Since the whole manga collection is so expensive for my budget.

Good Bye Kouki, Yukari-san! I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU.

On to watch the final Tiger and Bunny Episode! See ya~

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