My Two Cenz #1

What IS that title?

In order to keep this blog alive during the busy weeks, I made a new um, something (excuse my lack of vocabulary for this time, I’m going to get my sleep in a few minutes). In more comprehensible words, every week I’ll make a short review resuming what I thought when I watched this or that anime episode.

For the moment, I’m not watching much at the moment, but when fall will officially come I’ll begin the new anime I planned to follow such as  Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Hunter x Hunter IIMirai NikkiUn-Go, and Persona 4.

As for the word cenz that is obviously replacing cents, for those who know FMA, cenz is the currency in the country where the anime takes place. Yes, I’ve made a bad pun again, don’t remind me or even tell me that 1 cenz isn’t the equivalent of a penny.

This week’s anime wasn’t as entertaining as I’d hope it would be (Ao no Exorcist, Beelzebub), so the only good thing I liked out of all of them this week was the final episode of Tiger&Bunny.

Ao no Exorcist episode 23:

Oh please, don’t you make that devistated face with me!

So in this episode we get a flashback of what happened fifteen years ago when the Okumura mother was still alive (and how she met Satan), and we also get some Shiro screentime for those who missed the awesome fella.

Apart from destroying any chance the anime had to follow the manga, this episode shows us that Ao no Exorcist has yet to show what it can do, and that is (I hope), a satisfying ending for the fans out there.

Beelzebub episode 34:

Bon appétit bien sûr!

I’m still wondering why I like Beelzebub of all anime. In this episode, we get to see a lot a cute maids (I’m including alaindelon of course) and Oga beat the heck out of a group of bad guys that were up to no good during their school festival. As usual. Can’t wait for the next episode though.

Gintama episode 226:

Gin, ridiculous yet special as always.

Episode 226 was the end of another filler arc where Gin was sent to prison. I don’t have much to say about this one, but Gin was very comical, and touching. What else is new?

Tiger&Bunny episode 25 (Final):

Stop it. Stop doing that every time!

I have to say, Tiger&Bunny was a good anime that was unfortunately under-appreciated by most anime fans when everyone heard of it. It’s really too bad that some didn’t take the time to watch a few episodes — the plot gets thicker and so much better than what you expect from a superhero anime.

In the end, it turns out that Tiger only fainted and did not die as everyone of us had expected. This is Tiger&Bunny that we’re talking about. As a gift to fangirls from Sunrise, we get to see Tiger’s six-pack for more than half of the episode and some more Tiger/Bunny fanservice at the end. As for the most important parts, I won’t spoil the good info.

It seems that a new season or spin off  has been planned in November I think. I seriously want to know more about Tiger’s decreasing powers and what Ouroburos is.

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