My Two Cenz #2

So I’ve gotten used to the wonders of Twitter, and abused a bit too much of its power. But have no fear, for now I will only use it’s power for Oromywhat and try to bring as many J-Culture fans as possible here.

This week I’ve exclusively followed three of my usual anime and I have yet to watch the new anime such as the HunterxHunter remake and C³ -C Cube, but after writing out this post I’ll get right to viewing the episodes.


Gintama episode 227:

No comment.

Hilarious is what Gintama is. So when you make a crossover with another comedy anime named Sket Dance, chaos ensues.

In this episode, Gin tries to once again copy from ultra popular anime to the point he actually copies the One Piece Toriko crossover and unintentionally mixes it into his own sauce. In exchange, we get lots of laughs and random moments from the sudden friendship that bloomed between Gin and Sket Dance’s main character, Bossun.

I’ll have to thank Justin for getting me into Sket Dance. I can’t believe I missed such a great anime. I’ll add it next week if I can here.

Ao No Exorcist episode 24:

Bromance was the only reason I had to watch this episode.

…I don’t really know how to summarize this episode.

While I had the strong urge to flop this anime since it hasn’t pleased me even once, I continued to watch in hopes that it would surprise me and exceed my expectations regardless of its poor animated quality and the lack of interest in the plot that derived from the manga.

But no, I’m afraid Ao No Exorcist won’t get into the list of the most memorable anime adaptations. Perhaps it’s because of the plot twist, or the fact that the secondary characters were completely useless and stood there during the whole episode. The little otaku inside of me tells me to give it at least one more chance, the final episode, before giving it a solid opinion. I think it’s already too late.

Beelzebub episode 35:

Poor Aoi. Toughies will be Toughies?

This episode was like a dangerous parody game of …this one volleyball anime that was popular in my country around the 80’s. But seriously, I never thought that I would see the day when Yankees try to play volleyball — keyword: try.


2 thoughts on “My Two Cenz #2

    • I think it was on one of your posts, the one where you announced the Sket Dance crossover. XD I remember commenting it.
      :O You haven’t? The 26th episode of Sket Dance (I think) had the Gintama characters — It’s really lol worthy.

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