New Gal Magazine : Katy

I’m not a fan of fashion- okay, maybe I like some styles (rock, retro), but fashion isn’t something I care about at all. Japanese fashion however, is an exception. Since what I found concerns Japanese Pop Culture and this is a blog meant for everything about it, I wanted to add it here so it could make up for my lack of posting for the female viewers I have that might be interested in Japanese fashion, the Gal style in particular.

About the Gal style that has an interesting and unique history behind it (great for those that love sociology), I’ll make a post about it this week.

It seems that the gal style has yet to disappear in the streets of Tokyo. A brand new magazine for gal women has appeared, this time targeting girls from age 18 to 25, which is a bit younger if we compare its target to other gal magazines.

Information from here.

If only shipping wasn’t as expensive as it is, I would buy it immediately without hesitating.

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