My Two Cenz #3 and New Fall Anime (Part 1)

Okay, okay…I lied about my upcoming Gyaru post that was supposed to be published this week. But I can assure you it will be posted on here this month. Great news, right? …No? We move on?

This week was the start of this fall’s new anime, a gift to all us anime otaku that were impatiently waiting for new material. Unfortunately, since fall is also the busiest season of the year, some of us tend miss out on most of it (like yours truly). In reality, I had underestimated my free time during the weekend and it turns out I won’t be able to watch all the anime I had planned to. Or at least in time I won’t be able to, which is why I made a part 1 of this week’s My two cenz concerning the new fall anime.

Gintama’ episode 228:

I just love how Kagura is used to this. That’s my heroine!

So I died of laughter ten times, came back to life, then died one last time at the end. Apart from the fact that I had the impression the creators were forcing a bit too much humor where it wasn’t very funny (at all), this episode can be listed as one of my favorite Gintama’ episodes. Honestly, if you are already aware of the dating sim game on DS known as Love +, you’ll end up like me when you watch how Gintama has twisted it.

Ao No Exorcist episode 25:

Oh come on! At least leave one for the fangirls! Or me.

A pretty predictable ending for Ao no Exorcist if you ask me. It’s understandable that the studio didn’t want to exaggerate and create an ending far too different from what the original mangaka would have made, but this episode ended up by disappointing the large fan-base that were expecting more of the anime adaptation of Ao No Exorcist. At least that’s what I think. I personally would have enjoyed it if they had created a more unique ending (like the first adaptation of FMA or Black Butler) rather than the one they made.

A movie of Ao No Exorcist has been announced by the way. If the movie is a success, we just might see a new season arrive shortly.

Beelzebub episode 37:

Buuuu :D

My second favorite episode of the week. Now this is what I’m talking about, Beel-chan! A new and important character makes an appearance who seems to know alot more than we are led to think about the Demon world and its dark secrets. Chaos ensues, and Aoi is beginning to get very curious about the mystery surrounding Tatsumi and Beelzebub.

And so, the plot thickens…

C3 -Cube episode 1:

I’m already loving this anime for its great art design, but as for the plot and little fanservice scenes, not so much. There was small things I didn’t like such as how the main characters quickly adapted to Fiya (the blue-haired girl) instead of having more realistic reactions considering the situation they’re in. I’ll give it some time before making a solid opinion on it.

One thing’s for sure, I won’t be surprised if this has a video game.

Working! episode 1:

I think I already have my personal favorite of the season.

When I viewed the first episode two days ago, I had a strong feeling of Déja Vu coming from the characters. Was it their personalities? Their voice actors? Or maybe it’s because it reminds me of a non school-themed version of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya? Anyway, this is the anime I was looking for: slice of life, light comedy and randomness in every corner.

HunterxHunter episode 1:

Good times, Good times…

All my knowledge on HunterxHunter comes from the few episodes I’ve seen on television from time to time and a friend of mine who is a big fan of it. While I preferred Yu Yu Hakusho (made by the same mangaka)in my childhood for its supernatural genre rather than HunterxHunter‘s RPG/fantasy one, I decided to try it since (I thought) I had time on my hands. Needless to say I’ll continue on with this little jewel of an anime. But seriously, If I had managed to watch all of Goku’s adventures without raising an eyebrow on the things he did regardless of his young age, I can’t seem to digest the same thing for Gon.

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