My Two Cenz #3 and New Fall Anime (Part 2)

First episodes are always known to be unclear and it’s usually around the second or third episode that we begin to appreciate the series. Sometimes, we might even have to watch more episodes before being satisfied or in the worst cases, we drop it and head on to something else.

I had planned to release this second part of M.T.C just after having viewed all the of first episodes of the anime I wanted to watch during the fall season. With that done (and having dropped a few anime), here’s the last segment of My Two Cenz #3, concerning only the first episodes of all the fall anime I saw and that I’ll be continuing to watch from now on.

Guilty Crown episode 1:

I-I’m just your average boy…Please don’t hurt me!

Where the plot is planning to take us is still a bit unclear, but what I can say is this anime might have some potential…as your typical shonen. It is tough to write a summary of your thoughts after watching the first episode of something you’ve never heard of and decided to watch by pure curiosity, but Guilty Crown doesn’t seem so bad. I hope.

Mirai Nikki episode 1:

BY THE GODS. So this is what it feels like to live a lie.

So your entire future is in the hands of a simple phone diary? Awesome life, man. The pretty girl in your class is your stalker? Even better. A scary god who was supposed to be a figment of your imagination is using you to play a game where you have to kill before getting killed? Er, not so lucky…

In very short words, Mirai Nikki seems: Creepy, like a mixture of Eden Of The East and Death Note, and has fantastic art. I’m honestly impatient to see more.

UN-GO episode 1:

What a rip-off from Beauty and the Beast. I see what you did there, woman.

My third favorite of this season, UN-GO is a detective anime based on a novel written by Ango Sakaguchi, a great post-war author that was known to be very direct for attacking various taboo subjects such as the myth around the Emperor and other elements about the Japanese way of thinking. Literature lesson aside, I am seriously expecting big results from this anime.

Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai episode 1:

I’m sure Rukia would be jealous.

Not a bad beginning for a simple anime about finding friends. I can’t say I was expecting more from it, but the first episode gave off a pretty nice vibe. The Ore no Imouto reference was as clear as day — If you recognize the voices of the female main characters.

Persona 4 episode 1:

His wife must be charming.

I’ve said it before in a post of mine that I have never played the game, and my only knowledge of Persona 4 (or the other games) comes from random AMVs I see on television. The anime isn’t so bad -confusing, but what beginning isn’t?-Let’s just see where it takes us.

Kimi to Boku episode 1:

I find Kaname rather adorable.

The first half of the episode was a bit boring to watch in my humble opinion, and was close to what I felt when I first viewed Lucky Star. This is what I’m saying now, but I’m certain the main characters will warm up to me sooner or later.

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