My Two Cenz #6

Already number 6 of this weekly review segment? Time goes by when you’re having fun. It can also go by when you’re working yourself to death with endless essays, but that’s another story for another day.

Since OMW is still a new blog with disorganized ideas and such, it isn’t a surprise that I’m changing a bit My Two Cenz. From now on, I’ll only include the anime of the week that I really want to comment on or either rant about. I just wish you guys are enjoying the little changes and thoughts that go by on here and that will hopefully bloom into something enjoyable for this blog’s many readers. Who knows? OMW might grow up to be a very impressionable site someday.

Boku ha Tomodachi ga sukunai episode 5:

And she’s a nun?

Thanks to megane girl, the members of the Neighbor club get the privilege of testing a brand-new role-playing game but as always, things never seem to go the way they wanted…

This was a so glaringly clichéd episode on many levels, starting with the obvious fact that this is what we see in nearly every slice-of-life anime, a RPG-themed episode. Nevertheless, I rather enjoyed seeing the characters in ridiculous costumes running around and fighting monsters. Now if only we move on to something more remarkable, it wouldn’t hurt. I mean, come on! The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya managed to become an unforgettable anime for most, and if Boku ha tomodachi doesn’t demark itself from other similar anime in its genre, what’s the point of liking it? Perhaps I am expecting too much from it.

Gintama episode 232:

Elizabeth, who we haven’t seen for a while in the series, disappears once again and Katsura is desperate to find him. During the search for Elizabath, Katsura and the others come across information that is rather unanticipated about their…duck friend…thing.

Haha, this was totally an, please excuse me for my French, “C’est quoi ce délire?!” (=WTF is this?!) episode. I had guessed that the new female character in Gintama’s current opening was a bit of a charmer, but seriously, I never thought the creators would go that far. Not that I mind or anything. Oh, and the references… what would my otaku life be without the miracle that is Gintama?

Mirai Nikki episode 4:

Yes, I’m having fun with his scary faces.

This anime isn’t wasting its time! Just after the horrible discovering Yukiteru found on Yuno, another Future Diary holder appears and makes life even harder for our poor Yukiteru. I’m honestly worried for his sanity as he seems to not be taking the facts quite well… let us hope he won’t implode (literally) from his position as a main character. I know it’s hard, Yukiteru, but this is too fun for us to really care.

Isn’t anyone frustrated with the fact that there’s always an overwhelming quantity of blood? I find it really unnecessary. This anime already has everything it needs to be breathtaking.

UN-GO episode 4:

Yeah, right. He’s freaking scared of you.

Second part of the mystery behind the death of Kazumori, Shinjuurou and Inga learn the existence of RAI, a sophisticated android created to fulfill the desires of their user and a valuable link to the concerned case.

Did I say last time that this case is keeping me at the edge of my seat? Yes? Well it still is! The way the case turned around and gave us a totally unexpected ending (along with the addition of a new important character) and raised my great expectations even higher than before. UN-GO might be ranked as one of my favorite anime if it keeps up the good work.

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