My Two Cenz #7

Uh, Gin? There’s something wrong with this shot…

There wasn’t much to say about this week’s episodes. It’s not that they were terrible, but there was nothing significant I wanted to say about them. And since I’ve informed last week on how I now plan to comment only about what I found interesting to mention every week, this My Two Cenz is pretty short this week.

My favorites this week were evidently Gintama, Beelzebub, HunterxHunter, and Working!!. If we ever get farther into the mentioned series (except Beelzebub), you might see them on here next week~!

UN-GO episode 5 :

I knew he/she wasn’t human!!! It’s a panda!

During an inauguration of a statue representing three students that sacrificed themselves in order to save a crowd, three fresh bodies are found hidden in the statue. Another case begins for our heros, and this time they have a new member to join them in their little group.

I wasn’t as much into this case compared to the last one, maybe because it moved a bit too smoothly and predicable for my taste, but it was still a satisfying episode none the less. I was mostly happy that we got to hear more (but not enough of course) about Inga and also that Kazumori
joined Inga and Shinjuurou.

Beelzebub episode 42:

Was this really a surprise? -insert last image comment from above-

Hilda, after being seriously injured in a fight against demons, is resting. Throughout that time, a frustrated Tatsumi is now determined to train and get stronger in order to be able to defeat the new enemies that appeared.

Watching Tatsumi and Beel-chan going though all that trouble to clean the Aoi dojo was quite hilarious! This episode proved three facts:

  • Tatsumi is absolutely not a smart guy;
  • Beel-chan is terribly weak;
  • Kouta (somehow) is an evil brat.

Guilty Crown episode 5:

I love this character. I think she’s much more interesting than Inori  :3

Thanks to Gai and Inori, Shu has escaped from prison but is currently affronted by a dilemma. Should he become a double agent for the government and denounce Gai, or should he accept Gai’s offer to find out how to use his power?

For the first time in five episodes, —five I tell you!!– this was actually a pretty good episode. Naturally the clichés were impossible to avoid, I notice that, but at the end it twisted into something very acceptable in my opinion. At least we can confirm that Shu is truly a weakling and needs to learn how to defend himself if he wants to survive in his new environment. I’m impatient to know how he will improve.

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