My Two Cenz #8

Having so much fun~!

And this is what happens when you play video games instead of updating your weekly review: you post it up late and you lose time to catch up with your anime.

And what a perfect timing! Happy thanksgiving to every reader of this post; I hope you all had a great holiday filled joy, family, friends and all that jazz.


Kimi to Boku episode 7

Is that a blush I see?

A girl asks Yuta out?! Our boys manage to discreetly catch the delightful scene in order to question the older twin, but it seems that Yuta has no intention of informing them about his new ‘girlfriend’…

My heart! My heart is beating…too…fast…-faints-

I am such a sucker for episodes like this. It might have been irrelevant for some, or even boring, but I was sincerely touched during the little endearing scenes between our Yutan and the girl. And the way Kaname and the others followed them around in the beginning…It didn’t have an original feel to it, but it would be lying to say it didn’t go well with this kind of episode. So with a big smile I say: Can’t wait for next week!


Mirai Nikki episode 6:

He was seriously trying to kill Yuno in this shot. A five year old. Killing.

Yuno, being the Yandere she is, breaks into Yukiteru’s house and gets to met his mother, who luckily accepts their relationship with joy. But Yukiteru’s mother who is regularly absent from home because of her work, takes a few days off to take care of a deceased colleague’s son.

Scary is the way I should put it for this episode. And I thought it was going to be a relaxing episode for once, but this is Mirai Nikki. The appearance of a new diary holder, Kei-chan, really goes well with the “You can’t judge a book by its cover” proverbe. I sense a duel between Yuno and him…


Persona 4 episode 7:

Poor Narukami (?)

I just don’t know how to summarize this episode…

This whole episode was so wrong in so many ways. I’m afraid to confirm the boys have lost the small piece that they called their innocence while affronting Kanji’s other self. Apart from the disturbing facts that the battle took place in a Soapland and that Kanji’s other self was…well…embarrassing to see (and the heck were those S&M monsters?!), this was a very hilarious episode to view.

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