Just Who Is Haruhi Suzumiya?

A crying Botan for your convenience.

If only I wrote my posts in advance I wouldn’t be in this dreadful situation. I’m very sorry that I haven’t updated the blog with recent posts. School has been…lovely since I’m getting ready to pass my big exams in two months in order to see if I’ll graduate this year. Certes, I’ve been awfully busy.

Just who is Haruhi Suzumiya? Is officially the first post of my new –A Guide To Otaku– category that I expect I’ll be filling with several great posts in the near future. Considering this blog is about explaining these types of things to those who have been wondering what this and that is in the Japanese pop culture, I am sure that this is be a good, yet short post to publish with the purpose of being more or less essential to the person reading it.

From now on, I am your master!

Haruhi Suzumiya is the heroine of Haruhi Suzumiya, a Light novel series written by a certain Nagaru Tanigawa that received many positive reviews and is now renowned around the globe. The book’s success lead to an anime adaptation known by many anime appreciators -fans or not of the book series- , to a manga series, countless video games and a movie that recently came out in theatres in Japan, of course.

  • The Story

Haruhi, unexpectedly, isn’t the protagonist. Your average Japanese school boy, Kyon, is the protagonist and the narrator of the series who likes to remind the reader/viewer that he hardly believes in bizarre things such as aliens and espers. Sorry to say for him, he gets dragged in the trouble that is Haruhi Suzumiya: A cute but peculiar girl who wishes to be in contact with espers, time travelers, and aliens. What’s even more unfortunate for Kyon is that he himself enters in contact with said people (time traveler Mikuru, esper Koizumi, and Yuki the alien) who have been sent with the aim of keeping Haruhi’s powers from being unleashed. Why? Find out below.

The SOS Brigade. Kyon is the one just behind Haruhi.

  • What made Haruhi –the character– popular?

In fact, I still have yet to find out why myself. In my opinion,  Haruhi can be appreciated for being  the bossy and cruel leader of the SOS Brigade (her school club that has the goal of investigating mysterious events) or for being a really complex and eccentric character due to the fact that she’s God -you’ve read it right- and has yet to show us what she has in store for us. Depending on her feelings, she can unconsciously change history, destroy reality as we know it, or even repeat the same day over and over again– A power we get to witness in the first arc of the second season of the series, named the Endless Eight in which the characters of the series find themselves in an endless loop of the last day of summer vacation. I can painfully recall most of the repetitive dialogues shared by the characters when I was catching up with the anime years ago… A period in my life I wouldn’t want to repeat.

  • The result?

From what I’ve seen on Wikipedia, the reason Haruhi Suzumiya is an anime idol is due to an Internet phenomenon (Youtube and Nico Nico dance videos from Japan for example), which is partially right. Partially, since the story of Haruhi was sure to become a success (or a terrible failure): You don’t see stories with God, aliens and time travellers so often. However, Tanigawa has managed to create a solid story that is far from over, since the light novel series is still continuing.

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