People Say The Darnest Things ! — Video Games

I felt like it was the time to address this problem with brings us to this: What do others think about Video Games? Yes, I know there are more important things to discuss about such as world hunger, the Aniblog tourney which I’ll write about later, and the French elections (about that—I still haven’t decided who to vote for), but seeing as how there was a big story that had taken place in Twitter that was the result of another problem, much more grave that took place weeks ago, I told myself I would have to write about this sooner or later.

I believe I can fly~

Today, everyone who has a chance to watch a few minutes of television notices that video game commercials and/or shows about them are appearing more in our screens. This is mostly because of Nintendo that created family-fun or user-free consoles such as the famous Wii or DS, and if you prefer, the recent 3DS.

Adults who were never interested in video games in the slightest are more and more tempted to try out these games that are less violent as they had thought and more fun for groups of friends or family, a good change from the ideas the general opinion had about video games 20 years ago.


Even if the number of people who play video games is quickly rising now as we speak, there will always be a group of people who will be against things (video games in this case). I’m not saying no one isn’t allowed to have different choices, but what I what to bring into the limelight are the usual phrases of the people who refuse to see otherwise and like to spew out nonsense without being open-minded about it. This is in my way, how I like to write about these things – writing down questions and known phrases since I know how to answer to questions best.

So yep, I’m talking about the ignorant people here.

  • What’s the point of playing illusions? They’re wasting their time.”

I could say the same thing about any other type of hobby: reading, watching tv…These two examples are hobbies a large number of people do every day when there is time yet they aren’t completely frowned upon.

  • Stupid games. If games didn’t exist, the world will be a better place.”

And this is where I laugh.

False, my friend. If you consider the time men have been fighting against each other – since the beginning of time–, you can see that video game is actually a very recent invention. It’s just a complex reproduction of what already exists; like every other little invention.

  • Get a life.”

What is life? Life is something you shape into any form you want to. And you, only you, are capable of doing what you want with it. We all have lives; if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to hear that phrase, now would we?

  • They’ll mix reality and fiction at this rate.”

Hey now that’s my Cloud you’re looking at!

A problem that I’ll enter into depth one day, but not in this post. Although for now I have to say that mixing reality and fiction can occur to anyone and it doesn’t only concern video game players. If one mixes reality with fiction, it’s best to let them since we don’t have the authority to force them back into our cruel and beautiful reality. We live in a world where people can get married to video game characters, so how would you be able to make them see what you think? It’s up to them to decide how they live.

So, this must look like an awfully short post for such a big subject, but the will to write more about this subject is now fading away as I type these words, haha. Probably because I have to catch up with some new anime. Or because I have to beat the final boss in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and say goodbye to my Noel. Or no wait, I think it’s because I’ve spent the whole afternoon between watching movies and writing this post. Yeah, it’s all your fault! :D


4 thoughts on “People Say The Darnest Things ! — Video Games

  1. So true! I hate it when people are so quick to judge on people who play video games.It isn’t a mindless activity at all. It’s just another form of entertainment. My favourite kinds are definitely RPGs especially because of the plot and story lines!

  2. News reporters once again blamed video games for a mass murder at an elementary school. The games accused of influencing the boy? Besides the cliche military FPS games, there’s also Starcraft 2 and…Dynasty Warriors? a game where nobody was actually killed and the only firearm used was a wood cannon. Yeah, I can see that kind of game influencing a boy who was probably never thought the difference between reality and fiction by his lazy parents, to become an insane murderer.

    Look news reporters, just accept the fact that video games are more popular than news channels that exploit victims and make a circus out of child murders.

    Oh, and as for video games being a waste of time and not teaching people anything about life, Okami and all the other excellent RPGs (Both W and J) in existence that don’t take place in the real world, said hi.

    • You are correct, but it is a known and sad fact that the media isn’t always saying the truth. Also, those journalists needed a scapegoat -something well known and usually pointed out- so that their report could be credible enough. There are people in this world who will easily believe it’s video games fault rather than it’s his parents’ fault for possessing arms or some other nonsense like that.

      Also, Okami FTW.

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