Yet Another Aniblog Tourney Related Post

As the title says, my post is far from being the first one regarding the Aniblog tourney. But as a fellow aniblog-blogger of some kind, I repeatedly kept telling myself that I should release a post about it sooner it later to explain it to those who are a bit unaware of what’s going on in the aniblogosphere (I’ve taken a liking to that word recently).

  • What is the Aniblog tourney?

The Aniblog tourney is a tournament held once a year where anime bloggers fight against themselves to the death. The strongest one becomes the Aniblog master and as a reward, takes control of the aniblogs that have lost against the winner. This sad cycle has yet to be stopped, but alas no-one has the courage to stand up against the powerful and cruel judges who were once aniblog masters a long time ago.

I’m too kawaii to die!!

One thing that I would like to add is that only the judges are allowed to decide who competes in the Aniblog tourney. If you are unfortunate as an aniblogger, you will receive a letter that states that you are forced to participate in this brutal game.

  • No seriously…What is it about?
But what I said was true, silly! …Okay, so I joked a bit there.
The aniblog tourney is a completion for fun where anibloggers virtually-in-some-way fight against each other to see who’s the most popular and appreciated aniblog of them all. The participants will be judged by the following criteria: The content of the blog, the writer’s style, the layout of the blog, etc. So in an easy way to put it, every two days which is the equivalent of a round, you vote for the blog you appreciate the most. This continues until the 19th of June if I’m correct and the winner…well, gets a lot of exposure and new readers. Easy to understand, huh?
Tourney bracket!
  • Why isn’t Naru on here?
Simple to answer: I’m not a regular blog updater. If I had updated more between January and March, I would have possibly been on the list. But it doesn’t bother me at all. Truth is, I’m not a big fan of the aniblog tourney and I cringe whenever I hear the word “competition”.




“I wasn’t chosen…”

Until finally,

“Eh, I don’t care anymore.”

While more than one reader is speechless at the public and bizarre rage I virtually displayed, I want to say: Honestly, it’s all right take a joke and there’s always next year! I prefer continuing to work on my blog, make a few adjustments and changes over time before showing it off to the world.

Oh, and good news! I’m now an author over at Organisation ASG and will be reviewing some new spring anime in a few weeks, so finally…I’m kinda in the Aniblog tourney…

…Um, wow.

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Aniblog Tourney Related Post

  1. Oh you think you won’t be feeling any pressure? Oh don’t worry, it’ll come inwardly, even when you least suspect it :D Well, as long as you maintain your sanity, it is fine. I think.

  2. Well, yours was definitely the most interesting post on the subject I have read thus far. But wait… We aren’t supposed to actually kill each other?

    *hides bloody knife*

  3. I was nominated…and was easily beaten in the first round. Oh well, it didn’t matter to me at all. the fact I was nominated was enough for me. Besides, I blog to promote the greatness that is yuri…while talking about other anime, video games and whatever else I feel like discussing. As long as people stop by and more Yuri Nation members reveal themselves to me, I’m doing a good job.

    Popularity was never a necessity for me. You like what I have to say, welcome to my castle. You don’t, there’s the door dood.

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