And A Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Whoops! Look at me, not updating my blog on the day of its first birthday. I wanted to get this up on May 1st, however a series of unfortunate and long events prevented me from doing so. Now here I am writing this post in the school library instead of working. Or sleeping.

But wow, already a year? TIME IS SO SHORT. I’m getting older and lazier day by day for my age…

I feel a little tinge whenever I think that my blog has existed for a year. It’s not much, but at least it’s a new accomplishment that I can add to my little life. I seriously didn’t think it would last that long, judging by the site’s name I choose without thinking and the boring posts I have written in the beginning. Thinking back, it was a really good idea to do the 30 Day Anime Challenge since I got to meet a lot of bloggers and improve myself.

I had no idea what else to write in this post, probably because I’m mentally sleeping at the moment, so I decided to make what I do best: Lists. A List on what I learned during my first year, and another one on what marked me let it be anime or what took place in the ani-blogosphere. And why not a list on my favorite posts?

  • What Naru learned:
  1. You can make friends very easily in the ani-blogosphere
  2. It’s best to take your time writing a solid post instead of a short vague one
  3. Avoid disappearing for long periods of time
  4. Everything can be pink and happy in the ani-blogosphere if you make good friends
  5. Team blogs are awesum!
  • What scarred Naru for life:
  1. How manga is not present in the hearts of many ani-bloggers.
  2. Guilty Crown’s story/Realizing what OH MA SHOE meant–Seriously, I have a letter of a difference with Shu’s last name in mine.
  3. Twitter can either be the greatest thing ever for bloggers, or the most idiotic thing since Facebook.
  4. The ani-blog tourney–Nah actually, I’ll forget it about it. I have a short memory span concerning drama.
  5. The amount of anime people have the time to watch. This is probably why I’m more of a manga person than an anime one.
  • Naru’s favorite posts:
  1. Best Yandere Character from the 30 Day Anime Challenge
  2. Why is anime everywhere these days? My first serious post.
  3. Phoenix Wright Is Never Wrong! A review post, but my favorite post ever.
  4. First My Two Cenz post. I prefer the second one for my Ao no Exorcist paragraph, but whatever :P I’ll have to get back to making My Two Cenz…
  5. My first post.

And there you have it people! With now around 20,000 views, 68 posts, and one year of existence, I’m going to do a little jig~

ohmaygawdwhatisthat.gif from Antares-Star-XD

11 thoughts on “And A Happy First Birthday!

  1. Congratulating a person on their first anniversary after only meeting them a couple of days ago feels weird, yet amusing. Belated congratulations mademoiselle.

    I agree with all you’ve learned. As for me, yuri manga is the only manga I read.

    • I’m glad you feel this way now. You’re in for a treat with me in your list of acquaintances, huhuhu~

      Only Yuri? You’re missing out on some great manga, mon ami.

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