Blast From The Past: Sailor Moon (Volumes 1-5)

Usagi 1

Reliving your childhood memories can sometimes create a new-found love for the things you loved as a child, or in the worst case, make you question your tastes.

Starting this post with the words, “The other day, I went and bought the first volume of Sailor Moon for good times sake” would have been a good idea, except for the fact that it has been many months since I’ve caved in to my inner brat-self and purchased the first volume (blame my long absence). As you read this now, I am currently up-to-date with all of the re-released volumes of the Sailor Moon series, including the volumes with the ever-forgotten Sailor V.

So, yes. I’ve largely had the time to gather my mixed feelings about this series I used to hold close to my heart. And from what I can recall, Sailor Moon was for me THE anime were girls could look perfect while defeating bad guys on a daily basis (If you took out the clumsy Usagi).

Usagi 3

As always in my posts, there is a “but”. I should have known better than to blindly trust my memories that have inevitably been modified and sweetened to a worrying level. As I read through five volumes of Sailor Moon, I became aware of disturbing details that, while they are far from rare in shojo manga destined for young girls, slightly lowered the high esteem I held for the franchise.

I believe the element that disturbed me so far was how ridiculous the story turned when the Sailor Scouts traveled to the future (the Black Moon arc). The rules of physics shouldn’t be taken seriously in manga, however once you decide to handle the topic of moving through space and time, turning it into a hot mess is not recommended. Especially if you include incest in it.

You’ve read it right.

Then again, Sailor Moon involves melted bodies, cultural insensitivity, unexpected homosexuality, falling in love with suspicious strangers, and skinny middle-school girls who consider themselves as fat.

Usagi 2

Yet I still question my tastes.

2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past: Sailor Moon (Volumes 1-5)

  1. I remember that I used to enjoy poking fun at the Sailor Moon franchise when I was young. And I still enjoy the Sailor R movie–you know, the one with Fiore. The sub is absolutely hysterical to read, and Usagi’s reaction to Tuxedo Mask and Fiore holding hands at the beginning is priceless.

    • The only thing that I loved to tease at the time was the Sailor Moon OP in English. I didn’t know it had an original song, but the lyrics were so bizarre that it was hard to not laugh at it.

      Usagi has a lot of jealousy issues for such a young girl. And I do remember that scene between Mamoru and Fiore! If I ever find the cassette in my belongings, I should rewatch it again just for old times sake.

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