-Insert Heart-warming 2nd Anniversary Title-


Two years and twelve days ago, the anime appreciator you came to know today as Naru created on a whim the blog Oromywhat.

When the rare opportunity comes for a blogger to celebrate the two years (or even more) of their blog, they would generally take the time to create a fancy and well-thought post since, as we all know, holding a blog for more than one year is a pretty darn challenge for most people.

Yet anyone who knows me well enough by now should know… I’m not that conventional or maybe I really am. Celebrating the first year of my blog with a decent anniversary post was normal – keeping up a blog of all things during a busy period of my life was quite a feat – however this time, I can’t say I was stuck by inspiration to write this here post in a beautiful and aweing manner.

Oh no. If I took the time to close my Google Chrome tabs of Yu Kanda and Lavi fanfictions, and also stop listening to unnerving soundtracks of video games, it’s to thank those who either have been following this blog for all these years get it? or who hold even the slightest interest in what I do.

Thank you for being here. Without you, the feeling of guilt for not updating more would have never been present in my blogging life <3

partahGifs with girls make up for everything. Especially short posts.

4 thoughts on “-Insert Heart-warming 2nd Anniversary Title-

  1. I may not have know Naru-chan for long but I would still like to congratulate you on your two year anniversary. Hopefully this year won’t be as hectic as the last and you’ll post more stuff.

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