We Need To Talk…About Fandoms

Taemin Ish SadWill my aegyo save me from your wrath? 

Oh, fandoms. It is well known in the internet community that the mention of this word can trigger one’s hidden primitive side which, in the worst case, leads to exaggerated and passionate reactions at the thought of their respective fandom, much to the displeasure and embarrassment of others.

A series of events regarding big, actual and various fandoms inspired me to write a little about this and also share with you my thoughts on a few fandoms I have encountered the most these past few days.

If the term fandom isn’t clear with you, think of it as an unrestricted club which revolves around a medium. The medium can vary from books, shows, TV celebrities, anime and the list is endless. I’ve said endless since the most unimaginable fandoms such as My Little Pony meets Evangelion exist in parts of the internet that you may not have seen yet. Would one be truly curious enough to imagine and see images of the entire cast of MLP taking the roles of Evangelion characters? Honestly, I don’t really want to know.

So far, I’ve had my share of stories concerning fandoms where a good number of people belonging to them have the tendency to be true fanatics. Thankfully over time, fandom fanatics have either lost interest in obsessing, or have moved to obscure corners of the World Wide Web that I should refrain from revealing for my own good.

The game everyone loves to hate: Kingdom Hearts

KHHDUs?! But we’re Disney except Sora!

I’ll swallow up my pride of being a very old Kingdom Hearts fan and say this: the KH fandom is full of sick trolls, yours truly included. You love insulting Riku and calling the Keyblade stupid? We do too! Welcome to the fandom! Dragging the things we love into the dirt is as normal as breathing for us, since it’s our proof of love.

As much as fans adore Kingdom Hearts and their characters (the story, not so much), criticizing it won’t turn forums into bloodsheds; surprisingly, others will generally accept your opinion and life goes on. But, if you ever do complain about the many Yaoi pairings fans love to imagine, yeah. You’re in for hell and I won’t be saving you.

Video Game fandom (I just went there)

Ariel - MainstreamIt speaks for itself.

So this is cheating a little Similar to the anime, music, or any other large fandom, the video game fandom is a never-ending battlefield where certain people pretend to be the elite and insult everything you’ve ever loved while praising their favorites. It doesn’t matter if you have an open taste apropos video games; what counts is what you’ve played. Depending on where you stand, your favorite games can either anger more than one, or make you an accepted member of the fandom—as if you needed their approval to like something.

In this cursed  fandom, I belong to the category of: “People Whose Opinions Do Not Matter Because They Suck Anyway”, which, if you think hard enough…can be a jab at my gender. Fully being aware of the fact that I am associated to this fandom which will never completely accept me for who I am and what I like, this irritates me to the point where I simply don’t care anymore and prefer to keep whatever I do with video games to myself. Or at least not on forums/online games.

The colorful world of Kpop

SHINee/Sherlock Promo*insert teenage fangirls*

Kpop and I go way back, about six years ago if I remember correctly.  While the music has never appealed to me one bit, my stubbornness to find out the secret behind its growing popularity has made me try out various songs from different artists countless times…which all ended up in failure. People will of course say otherwise, but Kpop for me was, and still is, copy-pasted American pop music, with the only difference having super trained plastic idols who lead secluded lives. However, my opinion on Kpop did not keep me from giving up and after a lot of searching last year, I found out about groups like BIG BANG and SHINee whose music finally sounded acceptable for my tastes.

And since last year, I’ve taken a glance at the Kpop fandom on the internet which, you could say, made me regret (just a little bit) ever getting involved with the genre. Fangirls declaring their marriages to K-idols, writing horrifying fanfiction on them, and let’s not talk about the positive racism. Oh, the racism.

While we’ve all seen this attitude somewhere and learned to ignore it, I’ve reached the point where I say, “I’m too old for this,” and decide to completely block the fandom, only to appear once every few weeks on news sites to check up on news regarding the groups I follow.

…Yes, I seriously dislike the Kpop fandom. Ahem.

Clefairy isn't a fairy

I believe it’s too late to say it now, but this is one of those rare posts where I really had no idea what I was writing and simply went with the flow. The motivation to write was present for once, the rest didn’t come to the party. I truly hope that next time I talk about anything other than anime, I’ll write a more solid and complete post—one which has high chances of being about my first days in Japan, once I leave in less than two weeks. Until then, you can expect a Summer 2013 Impressions post coming soon near you.

16 thoughts on “We Need To Talk…About Fandoms

  1. Ah yes, fandoms. It is a group of territorial monsters that will tear anything (people included) that is original, different, altered or trying to teach other people something important about life. If something is not to their liking, which it almost always is, the fans will tie and burn it to a steak.

    While I do not see myself as a pure and unbiased gamer, far from it, I at least know what I like and could care less of what people who dislike the games, anime or shows I like have to say because rarely are their criticisms constructive or understandable.

    The main reason I am not as excited as other KH fans for KH3 is because I got tired of waiting. The reason I support Wii-Fit Trainer as a new character in Smash Bros 4 unlike the fools who bash her for being different, is because she’s unique, original and not a fighting game character often seen in games. If you were to ask me, I could tell you 0 fighters who are aerobic/health instructors.

    • Despite your meandering manner of writing, I’m happy to read an article from you. They’re always fun, and I had thought that your days on the blogosphere were over. (Not that I’ve been able to post regularly over the past several months either.)

      Fandoms are always amusing to analyze. I try to avoid being too immersed in them because, as you’ve rightly noted, the fans can become rather insane.

      • Meandering, huh? Can’t say it isn’t true, haha.

        I’m sorry if you believed my blogging days were over– I am sadly incapable of writing correctly if I’m not up to it, which may explain my long periods of absence from the blogging world (From what I’ve seen in my Inbox, you’re update very frequently…at least in my eyes ^^)

        Fandoms are always fun to watch–from a safe distance.

      • To tell you the truth, guilt starts building up in me after about one week, which leads me to try to post at least once per week. Then, article ideas begin to grate on my mind if I don’t act on them in a timely manner–perhaps I’m more Type A than I thought!

      • If don’t find my previous blog post acceptable, guilt starts up immediately. Since I am person who has heard constantly from others that I’m too “panicky”, I push myself away from blogs and whatnot until I completely forget why I was stressed out in the first place. Then, once it’s time to write again after let’s say…two weeks? I get lazy xD

    • Well said, Overlord-G. Is it rather sad once we come to realize that fandoms were intended to be communities where people gather together to simply talk about what they like. Instead, most of them have become the violent groups we’ve all learned to fear and/or avoid.

      This might be a little off-subject, but I’m going to be honest with you: Just the thought of seeing the Wii-Fit lady fight scares me since I seriously did not expect Nintendo to add her as a character in such a game. It’s ridiculous, but in a good and original way.

      • Indeed. Finding a sane group of fans has become very difficult. Even if you were to find one, chances are a demented imp or two will sneak up and cause havoc with their evil trolling ways.

        Wii-Fit Trainer is currently one of the most bizarre and original character in a fighting game, As for being freaked out by her, I pretend she’s a sexy undead aerobics instructor since she’s as white as a ghost and has a nice body.

      • I enjoy being a troll just as much as the next…er…crazy person, but real trolls are terribly annoying.

        Haha, that’s a good way to forget the fear! I’d like to pretend the same thing too, but I can’t see that she’s the same person who lectures me when I mess up on Wii-Fit lol

      • Even if I were to troll someone in real life, I suck at it.

        Zelda is my favorite Nintendo beauty as well. Still, I cannot deny being attracted to Ghost Trainer’s figure. Heck, even Smash Bros Peach has a nice figure. Look at me, I am talking about the beauty of fictional video game women with another woman who probably does not care. My apologies Narusegawa-san.

      • It takes practice ;D

        I forgive you, Sir Overlord-G. Why, even I have my moments where I ramble constantly about my favorite fictional characters (and my terribly sad and large “interest” in Link and Green Oak, heh).

      • You should have simply used that name instead Narusegawa-san. Just like I prefer calling Red, Ash Ketchup. Huh, so you’re a Gary fan. Cool.

      • I enjoy being a troll just as much as the next…er…crazy person, but real trolls are terribly annoying.

        Haha, that’s a good way to forget the fear! I’d like to pretend the same thing too, but I can’t see that she’s the same person who lectures me when I mess up on Wii-Fit lol

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