A Supposed Mid-Summer 2013 Impressions Post (Brought To You By Internet Explorer)

Obnoxious (Senyuu)

…Am I kicked out of the bloggersphere yet ?

To anyone reading this and wondering what the heck I was doing all this time, how was your summer? Did you go on vacation, or stay at home doing who-knows-what? I might be extremely late saying this, but I personally had a great experience in Japan which I won’t forget anytime soon. Perhaps if I have the will to sit infront of my computer like now and write about it, you’ll get a little taste of what I’ve seen and done, and all in cellphone-taken, low-quality pictures.

During my stay in Japan, catching up with anime was, unsurprisingly…the last thing I accorded my attention to. When I wasn’t occupied with my Japanese homework, I was both spending time with my delightful host family or goofing around with friends, and maybe watching the occasional variety show hosted by my favorite idols. But as you might have probably guessed, separating me completely from one of my hobbies was rather difficult to do. So I made exceptions. The summer anime I was looking forward to watch. But being…well, me, it took me this long to make this excuse of a final impressions post (which was originally a mid-summer post, mind you). Now enjoy and notice the lack of Yamishibai or Senyuu mentions below.

Gin no Saji

Armstrong went to Japan (GinnoSaji)

What is this I don’t even

La crème de la crème, the king of summer, the anime I was looking the most forward to watching regards farming school. Oh, and learning about the hard life of agriculture in the eyes of a city boy. Hm, maybe Hiromu Arakawa being behind this work might have something to do with my unhidden adoration for Gin no Saji, who knows?

While Gin no Saji’s adaptation was above decent-no, great-, there were a few times where I just didn’t care about what the characters were explaining or such, which slightly reminded me of how I acted when watching last summer’s Tsuritama. Guess it does to show how horrible my attention span is. Especially when it comes to learning things, no matter in what format it is.

Blood Lad

All this text (Blood Lad)

I have been so disappointed about the anime adaptation of Blood Lad that I gave up around episode three and couldn’t go on. My opinion on it doesn’t differ from my previous thoughts on it, so you can read my first impressions on episode one here if you’d like.

Makai Ouji

My default face (Makai Ouji)

I was born with this gross face

I’m not into Makai Ouji or its colorful supernatural characters at all, so why do I keep watching it (or if you prefer, what keeps me from catching up with the episodes I’ve skipped)? To kill time, simply. Before the first episode was aired, I had a few expectations for it and wished that it wasn’t too inspired by another famous secret shonen-ai work regarding demons, Black Butler.

Thankfully, Makai Ouji surprised me and seems to poke fun at the usual ‘human makes life-changing contact with demon ‘plot and detaches itself from whatever demon-infested work we can compare it with.  As opposed to other characters surrounded by demons or creatures before him, Tsundere main character William strictly refuses to acknowledge the existence of demons or anything else belonging in the supernatural category. Shove an angel in his face, and he’ll spit at your face a lecture on why he doesn’t believe you since it goes against science before stomping off. The other characters weren’t bad (if you take out Issac) and each came with their unique personalities and running gags that made it the light of the show.

…Uh, the humor almost made me forget the real story, and that’s never a good thing, right?

Rozen Maiden

Kanaria, perhaps? (Rozen Maiden)

Kanaria slays all your favs

Have I seen the previous works of Rozen Maiden? Nope. Have I ever heard of the characters or plot? Can’t say I have, heh. Rozen Maiden fans have every right to be malcontent – I have avoided it for years only to end up watching this new adaptation disliked by the original fans. And to add more fuel to the fire, I liked every minute of this new Rozen Maiden.

Okay, maybe not the minutes that constitute the first episode since it was way too much info to digest, especially for a newcomer, but the rest was great. No, seriously. I loved this Rozen Maiden adaptation.

Can I ask for a season two pwetty-please, perhaps?

Gatchaman Crowds

Hajime'su! (Gatcha)

This girl needs to be an official Japanese mascot

I really liked Gatchaman Crowds: Hajime and the crew, the music, the message it was trying to deliver…

And that’s it.


What? You were expecting me to declare my love for it like everyone else?


Kyaa! (Free)

The image speaks for itself

No secret here—I like bishonen and Kyoto Animation works in general, so watching Free was definitely a big “HELL YEAH”for me.

Then it got boring. And overdramatic.

Around episode 9 or such, the burning interest I first had for Free came to an abrupt end. While I do have to admit the anime had its good moments (little Rin and Nagisa, Makoto in general, and more visual examples), the fact that I felt the story was going nowhere greatly affected the positive thoughts I shared at first with the rest of the anime community who enjoyed watching pretty muscular boys swim.

Basically, the fanservice and pretty boys and good seiyuus were not enough. And story-wise, there was room for improvement, and lots of it.

Also, Rin needs to get a new dentist, ‘enough said.

With this settled, it’s time to move on to this season’s anime! Expect for reals a new impressions post coming near you soon.

4 thoughts on “A Supposed Mid-Summer 2013 Impressions Post (Brought To You By Internet Explorer)

  1. Glad to see that you’re back! You may post sporadically, but in my case, I can barely keep up with new anime seasons. I want to see Gotchaman Crowds in particular, and Gin no Saji at some point.

    Have you taken at look at the new anime season? Coppelion and Kill la Kill seem pretty popular so far.

    • Hihi, it’s good to be back and thanks for your patience! ^^ I wish I was organized enough to update as regularly as you, though. And it’s only thanks to my boss over at OrgAsg that I’m able to keep up with the anime seasons or else he’ll have my head.

      Yep! Spent the weekend watching the anime I anticipated this season (Magi S2, Nagi no Asakara…). I’ve seen Coppelion today (and to be honest, it was rather…boring, in my opinion), and as for Kill la Kill, I’ve heard good things about it, but I have to view it. How about you?

      • I’m in the same boat as you in the case of Kill la Kill, but the reviews from other bloggers have made me enthusiastic about it. Perhaps I’ll watch it tonight–if my brother stops marathoning Fairy Tail!

        You should stick with Coppelion. I think they basically used the entire first episode to explain the scenario. If I remember the manga correctly, things should heat up pretty soon.

        But, when it comes to blogging, it never seems like I blog enough. After all. I now have three blogs, so whenever I write for one, I feel like I’m neglecting the other two. Basically, this causes me to feel like a sluggard. :)

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