12 Days of Anime: #10: Either you’re funny, or you’re a total disappointment

Obnoxious (Senyuu)

Time loop? I think not.

I have very high standards for comedy anime.


I’m a person who laughs pretty easily, which is a quality that I’m not…very proud of since I generally end up laughing in serious situations. Pushing this fact aside, it doesn’t really come off as a surprise to people when I say I love comedy.

Senyuu was an anime I really enjoyed until the end – the characters were as lovable as they were stupid, and even if it was more focused on the comedy than anything else, the writers didn’t stall around and made the plot advance fluidly while we were busy snickering at the interactions between the Hero and his “friends”.

I wanted to post one of my favorite scenes here, but since I wasn’t able to find it on YouTube, you can go ahead and watch this one instead:

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: #10: Either you’re funny, or you’re a total disappointment

  1. My fav comedy this year was Love Lab…then again, I haven’t picked up Senyuu yet. I should since it’s not that long. I too am easily amused by things. How easily? Non Non Biyori makes me laugh uncontrollably very often…or maybe that’s just me “squeeing”. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

    Back to Senyuu. I noticed the male lead is voiced by the “King of Pain” Hiro Shimono. Seriously, this guy REALLY knows how to enact being in excruciating pain.

    • Haven’t seen Love Lab or Non Non Biyori…it’s a mystery why, actually.

      Can’t say I know Hiro Shimono, but he did an excellent job with the main character; made me laugh until I got a stomachache.

      • You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

        He voiced Akihisa in Baka Test and that masochist dog demon in Binbougami-ga, two characters who are funnier when in agony.

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