12 Days of Anime: #9: It’s a lie; you’ll never be able to catch them all


…It counts as an anime.


Unless you were completely disconnected from the internet, you should know that the new Pokemon video games (X and Y) have once again made great, ground-breaking sales as a 3DS game and have made people wonder why exactly a game about catching mutant creatures is so popular around the world.

Before the worldwide release of X and Y, a four-episode anime special titled “Pokemon, the Origin” was broadcasted on TV Tokyo and talked about the rather strange adventures of the first playable Pokemon trainer in the games, Red.

One would think that the anime special wasn’t much different from the never-ending Pokemon anime with Ash and friends – there were rainbows and ponytas, catchable Mew-twos, and non-violent battles.

Tackled (Pkmn)

No, really.

 Bite ready (Pkmn)

Not at all.

Ouchies (Pkmn)

…Want a hug? Green’s here to make it all better…

Huggies (Pokemon)

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: #9: It’s a lie; you’ll never be able to catch them all

  1. I should really watch the OVAs. The concept of capturing a Mewtwo sounds hilarious to me. It can happen in games, obviously. To me, however, part of Mewtwo’s badassery in the anime shows were that he could never be captured or tamed. He was like the Stone Cold Steve Austin of Pokemon to me back then…as hilarious as that sounds.

    • xD You should! I can’t believe you haven’t watched it yet!

      Yeah, when Red caught Mewtwo in the special…I was very confused.
      “This IS the same Mewtwo we’re seen in the Pokemon games, right? Then what the heck happened?”

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