12 Days of Anime: #7: I see dead people

RDG - IzumikoYou know you’ve seen it. But do you remember?

Red Data Girl could have been so much better. But for some reason, P.A Works screwed up the anime and we were given an incomplete ending –not to mention vague explanations on how the other characters had magical powers and Izumiko’s ‘condition’- which made more than one facepalm or groan infront of their screens. It gets ever weirder, if considering how the novel series ended last fall and had an end far more decent than what the series proposed when it was aired this spring.

RDG wasn’t as remarkable as the other anime aired at the same time, but it did have this little something, which encouraged people to continue on and watch. Some would say it was the animation and how it did its best to put forward little details one normally wouldn’t look twice at, and others would say it’s the quiet atmosphere the anime had regardless of the fact that it was into the supernatural genre. While I don’t entirely disagree with these opinions, I think there was something more to RDG than the atmosphere or anything else I have mentioned.

What is it exactly that made RDG special and pleasant then? Truthfully, I don’t really know, but maybe by getting a peek at it you can understand my thoughts.

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: #7: I see dead people

  1. RDG is one of those shows that I have in my collection and I wanted to check out on day 1 but something held me back from doing so. It doesn’t look as good as Hanasaku Iroha nor as amazing (to me) as Tari Tari but hopefully I’ll give it a go eventually.

    • Yes, RDG doesn’t give an amazing impression (that’s for sure), but once you’ve started it, it’ll be hard to let go.

      I hope you watch it as soon as possible ^^

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