12 Days of Anime: #4: Beauty and the Herald

Satoru and Haru (Gingitsune)

A serious post gone wrong, I suppose.

I originally intended to show off my collection of Satoru’s ridiculous expressions for today’s post, however I felt as if I wouldn’t be in peace if I didn’t talk about one of the flagrant elements that made Gingitsune: Makoto and Gin’s relationship.

Gin and Makoto (Gingitsune)

Yes, the rather ambiguous relationship between a human girl and a fox herald has made more than one uncomfortable, especially if you include blushing from both characters, how well Makoto is holding the pants in their relationship, and the promises of being together forever (which is impossible however you see it).

Bizarrely, I’ve become accustomed it over the episodes and saw their relationship as a really beautiful proof of love. Not love as in the completely romantic sense, but perhaps a tiny bit of it and the love like you would love a dear old friend. Others might say otherwise –they can, of course—and see it in a different way, but I believe what I’ve said above isn’t very far from the truth; both characters obviously love each other very much, but not exactly in the sense people would generally think.

You can go ahead and say something now.

Lilo vs za warudo

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