12 Days of Anime: #2: Living the Hard Life

Gin no Saji (Yuuto)

It’s at times like this when you have to keep your head up high…or something.

There’s so many good things so say about Gin no Saji – so I’ll skip everything and move on to the main point of this post:

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Before you should consider your answer, you should remember that this question is meant to be taken in the second degree, of course. Why exactly? Because of the image below:

Whaaaaa (Gin no Saji)

And now look at this, from the same mangaka:

Alexander Louis Armstrong

Being a big fan of the work above (Full Metal Alchemist), I thought I was seeing things at first and needed a long nap. But once I got a second good look, theories started popping out of nowhere in order to find a reason, an answer, to this hilarious shout-out left by the author.

Did someone of the Armstrong family marry a Japanese person, moved to Hokkaido, and as a result, a Alexander look-alike was born? Or did Alexander go through the cycle of reincarnation?

Chances are that we’ll never learn the true answer.

Happy Holidays, guys! IT’S CHRISTMAS! Food, presents try out… I don’t really celebrate Xmas, but I love the feels that come with this time full of joy, smoked salmon and foie gras, and ugly sweaters.


8 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: #2: Living the Hard Life

  1. I really like what I’ve seen of Gin no Saji, though I haven’t seen much of it yet. But I’m also loving that gif–do you know where it’s from? It almost looks like something from UtaPri.

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