ABC Awards! Now it’s my time to shine!


It is acceptable to wish you all a Happy New Year when we’re almost nearing mid-January? It is? Go with it Well then, Happy New Year to you all! I wish you many good things and hope that this year will be better than the last~!

Monsieur Overlord-G of the G-Empire nominated me for the ABC Awards, a simple game where I use each letter of the alphabet to describe myself or talk about something that I like. Since this is a great idea to make me write a post and get my thinking gears going, I decided to join in on the fun and teach you guys a little more about yours truly.

At the end of this post, I’ll nominate a few victim-bloggers to make the game go on.

And here are the rules:

 1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.




A: America. I’ve lived in America when I was little, so that’s why I’m super comfortable using English to voice my thoughts (and also why my blog isn’t in French).

B: I’m known to be a very bizarre person in real life and around these parts. I blame my family and perverted friends.

C: Chinese. From my mother’s side. But I’m more French-Senegalese-Fula than anything else.

D: Debates. I love debating with others on a variety of different subjects, but when I have a debate with someone else on the internet, I lose interest really quickly in it.

E: If I could be resumed in one word, it would be eclectic.

F: Full Metal Alchemist is my absolute favorite anime and manga.

G: Gentle. When I’m not laughing my butt off at myself or others, people say I’m a gentle spirit.

H: Harry Potter. I’ve contributed too much of my time to the Harry Potter fandom and I’ll never get it back *sob*

I: Imperturbable. Or at least people seem to think so.

J: Japanese pop culture. From celebrities to music to…many other things, I’m pretty proud of my knowledge regarding it.

K: Kdramas. I’ve really been into the “My Love came from the Stars” drama recently. And not only because the wonderful Kim Soo Hyun is the main character, hurrhurr.

L: Link from the Legend of Zelda is one of my many fictional soulmates. I am a sad person, I know.

M: Mythology. I was really into mythology when I was younger. Through the passion I had for it has died down a bit, it’s still one of my favorite things to talk about or do research on.

N: Naru. To this day, I’m still not sure why I’ve chosen this name. Maybe because it starts with the same letter as my real name?

O: Oguri Shun. My favorite Japanese actor. I get all giddy whenever I see an image of him ’cause he’s so handsome.

P: Perky. I hate being a perky person, but I can’t control it.

Q: Questionable. I do a lot of questionable things. I bet you already knew that.

R: RPGs. I adore playing RPGs, but it takes months or even years for me to actually finish them.

S: Save. Whenever I play a video game, I tend to save every 5 to 15 minutes. It makes those who watch me play lose their minds!

T: Twenty. I’ll be twenty next month…

U: Utada Hikaru. A great singer and songwriter that I adore. When she comes back from her hiatus, I’ll be the first one cheering.

V: Violin. I’ve started playing the violin 10 years ago. I’m currently taking a one-year break to focus on other things though.

W: Witches. I wanted to be one when I was little and dressed up like one every Halloween.

X: Xemnas Sexman from Kingdom Hearts. His name will forever make me laugh.

Y: Yu Yu Hakusho. The anime is very dear to me.

Z: Zillions. That’s how many times I’ve gushed over a bishonen in a manga or anime. Or maybe it was less?


JJ - ShineeDone!

Did you learn anything new? Anything shocking you didn’t expect? I highly doubt it.

Since it’s still January, I’ll be nice and pick only three people to continue on:



Medieval Otaku

Of course, you are free to do as you like and decline~!



12 thoughts on “ABC Awards! Now it’s my time to shine!

  1. I thought the joke name for Xemnas was Mansex but Sexman is good too. Why didn’t I think of that after all of these years?

    Holy cow. I thought you were around my age (26).

    I make sure to save once per save point, especially when grinding.

    When I’m in gaming mode, which has become rare now that I’m more of an animeniac, it can take me a couple of weeks to beat an RPG, depending on its length.

    Be proud to have 2D crushes. It’s all part of being a fan of animation. It also shows your admiration and respect for the way the characters are drawn.

    Harry Potter fan eh? I also enjoyed the series but not enough of a diehard fan to tell you why the Asian girl in Order of the Phoenix became an afterthought or why she and Harry never got together. Heck, I’d dare say Harry’s wife is a FRI (forced Romantic Interest). Maybe she had more to do in the books.

    I haven’t taken French class in years. I remember how much fun it was though .It’s still tough to communicate and follow but learning it is fun.

    The most electrifying French Tickler in entertainment. I think I’ll nickname you that Narusegawa-san.

    • Re-played KH a few months ago, so my memory is pretty fresh :P

      Hehe, I seem older to others? I’ll take that as a compliment.

      RPGs take me forever, but I’m pretty quick when it comes to other games. Finished Ace Attorney in less than two weeks (personal record!)

      Well, I have mixed feelings about it about 2D crushes. I can always talk about them when I’m laughing around, but I’ll never be able to say I’m proud of it in a serious conversation.

      I remember being really sad when Cho Chang didn’t end with Harry. But then again, she still didn’t get over her boyfriend’s death and needed to calm down for a while.
      I don’t dislike Ginny, but she never made a good impression on me, so I never understood why Harry ended up with her. Got over it quickly, though (was more of a Ron fan). Oh, and in the books…she didn’t do anything special to get Harry’s attention.

      Haha, most of the people I meet from other countries say the same thing. Even for us, French is a hard language and a lot of people make easy mistakes when writing or speaking it.

      XDDD Electrifying?

      • I have to play the Phoenix Wright games sometime. I wonder when I’ll get into a gaming groove again?

        It all depends on who you reveal your 2D crushes to.

        The girl who played Cho Chang was cute at least.
        Oh well. Ginny will forever be a FRI then. Ron and Hermione’s relationship was more enthralling…mainly because they’re the other two main characters and got more screen time than Ginny.

        Huh. I thought locals could master their native languages easily. Then again, I still have some trouble with my own so…yeah.

        I do not know you but I’d like to assume you’re electrifying.

      • I was a Harry Potter pairing rebel – I was one of the rare ones who wished for Harry to end up with Hermione.

        …Wait, that last part was a secret xD

        I makes errors in French so much…but I feel less lonely since it’s not an easy language.

        Well, okay. I like electrifying :D Makes me think of Killua.

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