Her Many Expressions 1

Dark green eyes looked on helplessly as two forms walked away. Gathering up courage, the owner of said eyes proceeded to yell at the forms:

“You guys come back, right? You won’t die, huh?”

The larger form turned sightly, red eyes meeting hers and waved properly, bringing a smile to the green-eyed girl. The smaller form only gave a small wave from behind, without looking back.

They didn’t come back.


‘Do you love him?’

Everything else was silent in the living room, except for the creaking of the wooden floor followed by the clicking of heels.

Joyful baby-blue eyes wandered over to the photo album placed on a small table. From where the owner of said eyes was standing, she could see two pictures glued on each side of the album.

With small steps, in an attempt to respect the silence the best she could, Winry walked over towards it and eyed the pictures.
Looking at the first one, she recognized herself and her grandmother, Pinako.
On the second picture was a child with boyish-cut hair and dark green eyes. Beside them was one other child with short messy auburn hair and matching eyes.

‘Of course I do’. A smile.

A frown formed on Winry’s pale lips as she tucked her one of her long sunny-blonde bangs behind her ear. How old were these pictures?

Below each of the pictures, written in messy handwriting, were details that answered mostly Winry’s questions. Pictures that Winry didn’t remember the time, even if she’s seen those images so many times.

We really did look happy,didn’t we Winry?

She had almost forgotten his voice.

His amber eyes.

His golden-blond hair.

His smile.

Edward. Where in the world are you? I miss you so much. Everyone does.

The boy, who was so close, yet so far to her in many ways, was gone.

The sound of creaking wood from upstairs interrupted her thoughts.

Looking up at the ceiling, Winry closed the photo album before closing her eyes and reopening them. Slowly, she allowed herself a small, but graceful smile to appear on her lips. Her head turned towards the stairs, where a familiar figure descended slowly.

“Good Morning, Winry.”

The voice of the figure decending, belonging to a young woman, was terribly hoarse.
The woman cleared her throat a little before apologizing in a clearer and more normal tone.

“Sorry about that. How long have you been up?”

He loves you just as much as we do.

The young woman who had spoke had slight oriental features etched on her face. She had long dark hair in messy state which she ran a hand through and bright grass-green eyes that were now studying Winry’s face.

Winry’s smile widened. “Oh, Good Morning to you too, Melissa. I’ve been up a few minutes ago.”

“Really? But you’re all dressed-”

“I have a client coming in half an hour.” Winry had cut her off, walking over to where blueprints were spread around on the dining table and separating them.

Silence reigned again. Just like it was everyday. Even with her reappearance, the atmosphere in the house became colder than it usually was when she came over.

Pinako was in the kitchen; She would shout at them one minute or another, now that she surely knew that Melissa was awake.

“…Are you still mad? Listen, I’m sorry-”

Winry had cut her off again with a wave of her hand.”I keep telling you. DON’T worry about it. Why would I blame you?” Winry laughed off the last sentence while she walked over to Melissa and embraced her.

In reply, Melissa slowly wrapped her arms around Winry’s figure before smiling hesistantly.

And I may hate you just as much.

They didn’t expect that life would turn out like this.