Losing Interest in Manga: Is it bad doctor?

Symptoms may include the following:

  • The inability to stand typical genres
  • Feeling boredom after reading for a few seconds
  • Experiencing a desperate need to try something new and original

  • How could I lose my love for manga?

This is a rather sad fact, but let’s face it: losing interest in something you like is a part of life. Remember the collection of unique-shaped rocks you had as a kid that you’ve thrown away once you became an awkward, lost teen?

It’s unfortunately the same case with manga. Some manage to find their way out of this phase by discovering a new series that suits them, and others, unable to find anything grabbing their interest, leave what we call the manga fandom. It is a gloomy event that can happen to anyone who enjoys manga as much as we do, even to the most otaku-ish person. Whether or not otaku-ish is a suitable adjective is up to you.

The reason why I decided to write about this is from personal experience: Regardless of the several titles I’m reading at the moment, once I begin reading a new chapter of my favorite series, I find myself skipping though the pages without taking in the pleasures we experience from reading such as the artwork, the presence of our favorite characters, and the little jokes. The hobby that was once dear to me today seems more and more like an obligation in my eyes. Perhaps the manga lost its quality that had attracted me in the past, or maybe it doesn’t hold the same importance I accorded to it when I first liked it. The possibilities are endless.

  • Is there a way to get cured?

To get cured or not is up to you. And there is only one way to regain your curiosity for manga: finding new ‘addictions’. You could read your favorite manga as much as you want to, but are you truly cured? Are you really able to begin a new series and stick to it? From what I’ve seen, the answer is generally no.

The road to regaining your interest may seem simple, but it can be very difficult depending on the person. For a fan that has experience in reading manga, it’s normal to be picky when deciding on a new series: You would want something that’s different from what you’ve read before. To illustrate this example I would use the manga Naruto, one of the Big 3. An experienced manga reader wouldn’t want to begin Naruto, a shonen that basically has all the repetitive elements you’ve gotten sick of in other manga.

  • I’ve been reading manga for a while, until I lost interest. Are there any series that I could try?

The good thing about manga is that there will always be something new to like, normally. If you’re not sure what type of manga to begin, think about your favorite genre of movie: Do you like romance? Take a look at some shojo. Want a realistic shonen? Bakuman is a great try. Here are a few new series that I suggest  ^_^:

I see beautiful people…

Afterschool Charisma – A psychological thriller. The main character, Shiro Kamiya is a student in St.Kleio that’s intended exclusively for…clones. And not just any clones, we’re talking about teenage replicas of great historical figures. After the assassination of Kennedy clone who just became president, the students of St.Kleio start to worry about their own fate. Will they end up like their original? Who is after them? And why is Shiro a student in this school? And more importantly, why the humanity did the mangaka make a creepy, harmless Hitler?!

Will God ever forgive me for liking this?

Saint Oniisan – A comedy manga made by the creator of Arakawa Under The Bridge, Hikaru Nakamura. After working hard in making the world a better place, Jesus and Buddha decide to go to Japan on vacation in order to relax a bit. From Jesus who pretends he’s Johnny Depp to Buddha who acts like the worried parent, we seriously have no idea what Nakamura-sensei was thinking.

Beautiful people are a must for these new types of shonen.

Karneval – It’s a story I have trouble with since we have no idea where the mangaka wants to lead us, but it has potential. Great for shojo and shonen-ai fans, Karneval revolves around a lost boy called Nai who is searching for the person most important to him. Left with only a mysterious bracelet from said person, Nai meets Gareki, another boy willing to help him find that special person. But with the powerful organization Circus, behind their trail to get the bracelet back, Nai’s adventure will be far from easy…

Like I’ve said earlier in the beginning of this post, losing your interest in your hobby is something that is both upsetting and natural. But, as Freud once said: “You cannot control your feelings.” – Even if you lose interest now, nothing tells you that you can’t go back to regaining it in a few years.