One of my favorite shonen, Black Cat.

Shonen, meaning ‘boy‘, is the most popular manga genre or in a more acceptable term for most connoisseurs, type. From eternal combats to learning the importance of friendship, this type of manga is mainly targeted towards teenage boys ranging from ages eleven to sixteen.

Fully understanding the shonen category may seem simple, but it really is a bit complicated. There exists different branches of shonen manga, the most known one is Nekketsu (boiling blood) which is an element that exists in almost every shonen manga.

List stolen From Wikipedia, these are the most reacurring caracteristics in Nekketsu:

  • The hero is either a young orphan or lives away from his parents;
  • The hero has a dream he wants to achieve no matter what obstacles;
  • The hero is either innocent or honest;
  • The hero is capable of doing extraordinary things, possibly knows magic;
  • Along with his friends, he fights against evil;
  • The hero participates in a sort of tournament;
  • The hero’s first enemies become his friends;
  • Justice, Friendship, and the will to fight are the three main factors of Nekketsu;
  • And more importantly, when the hero is close to losing or dying, he suddenly becomes stronger because of his burning will to win (this is where Nekketsu comes from).

Oh gee, I wonder why this Naruto image is here?

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