Day 9 – Saddest anime scene

Uwah…Sad scenes make me cry.

Okay, I admit it. I’m a very emotional person: I cried when I watched the end of The Dog of Flanders and E.T, I cry when I watch touching animal stories and I am always very close to truly weeping over character deaths.

Character deaths are known to be the breaking point for many anime lovers: It’s not rare to see some that lose interest and drop the anime when a favorite character of them dies. I think it’s pretty understandable, but at the same time it shows that the anime did a horrible job at making the public keep interest.

Up until now, even if character deaths are one of the few elements in anime that I would consider terribly sad, I’ve never dropped an anime because of a character death, thankfully.

Aw…want a hug? :3

Today I will be presenting a scene from my favorite anime series, Full Metal Alchemist. I warn you, it contains big spoilers if you’re watching or reading Full Metal Alchemist- Well, it’s too late thanks to the visible title, so I’m sorry if I ruined the rest of the story for you. Unfortunately, the scene is dubbed in Spanish. I would’ve made the video myself in Japanese with subtitles if I knew how to manipulate the programs that are capable of making videos.

Of course, credits to the creator:

-“Mommy why are they burying Daddy? Daddy told me he had a lot a work to do! Stop it! Stop burying Daddy!”

I cry like a little girl at this scene every single time. It’s too bad the video doesn’t show the rest of the episode, where there’s the final scene (and straw) that can make you depress for weeks. At the end of the funeral, Roy (at 0.20) who was a close friend of Hughes stands in front of the tomb and simply says: “Oh, it’s raining.”

His right-hand woman, Riza (also at 0.20), doesn’t understand since it’s clearly not raining, but once she looks up and sees him shedding a single tear, she quietly agrees with him.

It’s a simple scene, but coming from a serious character such as Roy Mustang couldn’t make me hold it in any longer.