Day 21 – Best yandere character

Today is going to be hard. Very hard. Yandere characters usually become characters that I really appreciate. So to choose out of them all, the best? It’s impossible. So I did what I do best: A ranking.

…Let’s the heck get out of here!!

Noes, come back!

The term Yandere refers to a character who’s literally: “Crazy In Love”. They’re willing to do anything, and I mean anything, for the person important to their eyes. You can find Yandere in mostly evil anime characters or in incredibly gore and dark anime. Speaking of gore and dark anime, my top favorite yandere come from anime such as that.

We start with number 3 of course, Griffith from the seinen Berserk.

A shady character hides behind that angelic face…

Yes yes, it’s weird. A prude that knows Berserk? Trust me, I gave up on it a few times before finally being a (very discreet) fan about it.

Griffith is the closest friend of the main character and victim, Guts. Starting with the day Guts joined the Brigade of the Falcons, Griffith has showed a lot of his Yandere side when it concerns him. Griffith considers Guts as ‘his’ and will do anything in his power to keep Guts by his side. Too bad for him, Guts leaves his side and Griffith’s yandere side gets the best of him. He’s actually the most bizarre Yandere in my humble opinion.

I’m still wondering what to call her. Lucy, Kaede, or Nyu?

You’ve read it right. The Nyu in Day 15 is the scary girl in the picture above. Lucy takes the place of number 2 for her very, very, very disturbed personality. It’s all thanks to her twisted childhood that she has a split personality, killed many innocent people, etc.

In the anime Elfen Lied, Lucy falls for the main character, but shows off her Yandere side when she finds out that he lied to her (apparently he told her he was going to hang out with a boy, but turns out it was his cousin, a girl). Lucy, who so desperately tried to suppress her murderous side because of her love for the main character, unleashes her fury.

Johan Liebert from Monster. Don’t judge a book by its cover is what I found out with him.

Number 1 goes to Johan Liebert, a very intriguing Yandere. He is also the ‘monster’ of the story, responsible for the murders of countless people. His reason why is very subtle: for his twin sister, Anna.

It’s not even sure if Johan is capable of loving, but what from what I know, he’s one of the best anime villains and Yandere I’ve ever known.


Day 15 – Post a cute Neko-girl

I avoid anime with neko-girls for fear of watching a 100% moe moe anime. Being a girl, I bizarrely have a deep hatred for very moe things. Then again, I was always a tomboy at heart when I was little.

I'm watchingI watch moe from a distance…

For today, I wanted to post the cute Nyu from Elfen Lied, but she doesn’t exactly fit the criteria for your typical Neko-girl (her “ears” are actually horns). And the anime where she is the protagonist is far from being a moe anime.

Yes Nyu. We know, we know.

Maybe someday I will write a post on how awesome Elfen Lied is, since the anime deserves a lot more recognition than it has today.

And we move on to present the star of today’s post:

Please refrain from drooling on your computer keyboard, men.

Blair, the cat monster/witch but a neko-girl nonetheless, is a supporting character from the anime Soul Eater. She’s the one who provides the most fanservice in the anime (obviously), and is the cause of many nosebleeds from the men around her.