Day 8 – Most epic scene ever

When I read the challenge for today, I immediately face palmed. The most epic scene ever huh? There are so many things in anime that are epic to choose from, so ‘ever’? Unless I’ve watched a very limited number of anime in my life, this challenge would have been so easy to answer.

Evangelion-01’s existence is epic enough.

As an epic scene I wanted to add one from the movie Akira, but I can’t find any on YouTube, soooo… I’ve added two epic (and very short for your comfort) scenes from recent anime: Durarara!! and Kuroshitsuji II(also known as Black Butler II) to fill in today’s challenge.

They aren’t “OMG-WHAT THE HECK” epic, but epic as in “Uh.Wow.” epic. I do hope you understand that last sentence. Oh, and for the Kuroshitsuji II scene, I’ve obviously cheated :3

Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)

I’ve officially added Heiwajima Shizuo in my bishonen list.

Not surprising for a demon, isn’t it?

Please excuse me for this short post with this “epic funny” scene from Gintama:

Till tomorrow, ne?