Day 17 – Favorite tsundere

September is approaching, and I’m quickly losing free time to write this. In just a few weeks, I’ll be attending class hoping that I’ll get that long-dreamed diploma at the end of the year. When class will start, my updates will be limited to once or twice a month, but that won’t include the 30 Day Challenge.

-So?…Get on with it!

Tsundere is a term well known by us Video Game/Anime/Manga fans. The word is a combination of the terms Tsuntsun (irritable) to DereDere (Totally in love). Tsundere refers to the personality of a certain character that is always naturally annoyed, but can become awkward and sweet-like depending on the situation. The opposite can also be considered Tsundere-like: The character can be a naturally nice person, but hide a violent side that can be triggered when they interact with someone (mostly their love interest). When I think about Tsundere characters, these are the ones that always come up:

Haruhi Suzumiya, the TsunTsun type

Kagome Higurashi, the DereDere type

A phrase typical of Tsunderes (found in the link ‘Tsundere‘ above):

“Hmph. Stupid wiki. I am not editing you b-because I like you or anything. (blush) S-so don’t get the wrong idea. Got that?”

I have mixed feelings for Tsunderes- Their personality tends to annoy and tire me …I find them hard to appreciate. But I usually end up liking them anyway: The two examples of Tsunderes I gave are two Tsunderes I finished by liking- Well, concerning Kagome, I never did hate her regardless of the large Kagome hate by certain Inuyasha fans.

My favorite Tsundere character of all time is Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket (Yes, there can also be male Tsunderes).

Eh? I’m a Tsundere?

He was mentioned in Day 14. Kyo Sohma is a member of the cursed Sohma family: 12 of their family members are haunted by the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Kyo is haunted by the 13th member, the cat, otherwise known as the outcast of the zodiac who was tricked by the rat that used him for his selfish ways. This is mainly why Kyo hates his cousin Yuki, the member haunted by the rat.

Poor Kyo is also unloved because of his curse. The rest of the Sohma dislike him and plan to lock him away until his death when he finishes high school. It’s no wonder he’s a Tsundere.

Since I’m writing about Tsunderes here, I’ll post my favorite Tsundere of the moment: Kirino Kousaka from My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute.

She looks sweet, but towards her brother…>_>

Kirino is your average pretty schoolgirl with a big secret: She’s a Eroge otaku. Her older brother Kyosuke, finds out about this guilty secret badly tolerated in society capable of completely changing Kirino’s good-girl reputation. The latter convinces him to make a deal and stay quiet about it. At the same time, she decides to force onto Kyosuke her eroge passion.

Reading the résume, you barely see any traces of Kirino’s tsundere personality, but just to let you know, she can’t stand her brother. Kirino never misses the chance to  insult him behind their parents’ back and they hardly get along with each other.

When I was watching the anime, I didn’t like her as much as I liked her brother, frighteningly similar to Kyo from The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was only halfway the anime that I began to enjoy the way she brought the comical moments.

Day 19 is Mandatory swimsuit post… What?!


Day 14 – current (or most recent) anime wallpaper

Starting with this day, the challenge becomes less interesting, at least until I get to day 20 perhaps. You can call this the period of incredibly short posts if you want, because that’s how I see it.

Wallpapers. So I have to show you my current anime wallpaper, right? I change my computer background every few days or so, and that’s something! At this moment, I have collected around 637 wallpapers since December 2008  (I think I had about 50 wallpapers before I abandoned my laptop for a home computer). The most recent ones I’ve used are created by creative fans on great websites such as animepaper.net or minitokyo.net.

The wallpaper I’m using at the moment is this:

An old wallpaper I found years ago.

The character’s face might be familiar for shojo fans: This is Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket, also known as the cat and the unloved one in the anime/manga. But I still love him no matter how hot-headed he is. He’s not my favorite Fruits Basket character -Yuki, his cousin is- but I prefer his orange wallpaper than Yuki’s violet one.

This is the Yuki version, made by the same creator. All credits go to them.

I assure you, Yuki is not a girl. I repeat, he is not a girl. I remember when I used to go all fangirly over him, but my friends would side-eye me bizarrely just because he has feminine features.

Today, after reading the new Naruto and Bleach chapter, I went on a few wallpaper sites and found a new wallpaper-credits to Yamaro on minitokyo– I will be using very soon (spoilers for Bleach):

I love Rukia’s new haircut~

You must be thinking that I only like simple wallpapers, but that’s not true. I prefer full and colorful wallpapers over simple ones.

What’s your current anime wallpaper?