My Top 12 Anime Of 2012: Noona Naru Style!


That time of the year has once again appeared in the anibloggosphere, where a good number of writers select their top favorite anime of the year. Initially, I had planned to make a comeback do a big mashup of the most remarkable things that took place this year similar to what I did at the end of last year, however participating in Kidd’s yearly Ani-Blogger’s Choice Awards seemed like a much more tempting thing to try out first. As much as anibloggers write about anime, not every reader knows precisely what anime has captivated us. You might find surprises, or disappointments. You might even be so disappointed in an aniblogger’s taste of anime that you decide overreact and give up on reading their blog!

…Certes, it’s an interesting way of seeing what you have in common with an anibloggers regarding anime.

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