Day 7 – Favorite anime couple

Day 7 and my head hurts…I want to skip to favorite villain already so I can express my love for them. But I’ll stay quiet and continue to find gifs of them for the time being.

About today, I’ve decided that I’m going to show my top three favorite anime couples. And yes, I shamefully know its not my first ranking.

Poor KondoAren’t I cute- OHGODWRONGGIF. Never mind.

Let’s…go on, shall we?

Number 3: Chihiro and Haku from Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.

When I first watched this movie, Haku used to creep me out…

This was my first Miyazaki movie, how nostalgic… I only remember bits and pieces of it today unfortunately.

Yes, they are children, at least for Chihiro, but I really enjoyed the complicity between them in the movie. I see them as an innocent couple: Such as the little boy/girl that used to play with you at the park; But I can’t consider them as a romantically involved couple. Besides, the challenge for today wasn’t precise~

I love you, Mr. fluffy-kins  Puff the Magical Dragon!

Number 2: Niwa Daisuke and Harada Riku from D.N.Angel.

I had to wait till the final scene, the final seconds just to see them finally kiss.

D.N.Angel is one of my most preferred shojo manga (but not anime D:). Daisuke and Riku are adorkable since their traditional roles as boy and girl in shojo manga are reversed: Daisuke is the timid boy and Riku is the straight-forward, boyish girl. They’ve been through so much that when you see them finally together, you go all: Awww…

<_< That doesn’t look like an innocent kiss either. Kids these days!

Number 1: Noda Megumi and Chiaki Shinichi from Nodame Cantabile.

I adore them so.

If you’ve never been interested in josei, I recommend you this wonderful one-sided love story between two musicians: One messy, stalker-ish woman and one prideful, stuck-up man. I giggle uncontrollably when they have their comical moments to the point it scares me.

Typical love.

If Nodame and Chiaki can work it out, I wonder if Sa-chan and Gintoki can work?


Guess not.