Day 28 – Favorite pokemon

Since I have a long day today consisting of visiting some family members even though I spent an entire week’s energy yesterday when I went to Paris, I posted this challenge up early.

Aren’t they kawaii~!

While people of my age have given up on the Pokemon franchise since long ago, I’m one of the rare ones that continue to buy the video games like little kids with big allowances. I’ve played Black, Heart Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Leaf Green, Yellow, Crystal, and Blue. I gave up the habit of always choosing fire pokemon when I started playing Diamond. So basically yeah, I’m a Pokénerd.

Typhlosion, my favorite pokemon.

I name her Emily (-ignores deadly silence-) in the Pokemon dungeon games, but in Heart Gold, since it is a he, I have given him the awesome name of Natsu because, well, it goes with his pokemon type. So don’t judge me

Only two days left? What you talkin’ about man?!


Day 18 – Something moe

That’s um, really a wide challenge for today. I’ve mentioned before on Day 15 how I avoid most moe things because it’s something that just doesn’t appeal to me: I find it a bit forced. But I do find certain things moe however, such as Chibi characters- Can I consider Chopper from One Piece Chibi? I’m not sure- or little anime girls (Somehow it feels wrong writing that).

When I think moe, I think of this: A cute boy in a maid costume. Or is it supposed to be a girl? >:{D Poor Satoshi…

I find the singer/cellist Kanon Wakeshima very moe, but since she has no relation to anime, I can’t use her for the anime challenge unfortunately.

It was only when I searched through my anime images that I found “something moe”. It was from an anime I watched around January or even before that- my memory is still unclear- anyway, it was a pretty good anime and I was a sucker for the emotional scenes.

The main character cried a lot, but that was a part of his cute charm. He is twelve, and he’s been though a lot in his life.

Hiroyuki Asada, Studio Pierrot, Tegami Bachi, Lag Seeing, Steak (Tegami Bachi)

Lag and Niche (and Steak) from Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee.

Lag and Niche are the cutest main characters I’ve seen in an anime. Lag, the main character, aims the goal of becoming a Letter Bee, a delivery man for the government in order to find out more about his mother that was kidnapped. He also wants to become a Letter Bee to meet again with Gauche, a Letter Bee that “delivered” him to safety just after Lag’s mother was kidnapped.

During his little journey to become a Letter Bee he meets a special little girl he’ll name Niche, who volunteers to be his Dingo (delivery helper) when Lag will be a Letter Bee.

Lag and Niche definitely fit the criteria of moe and when you watch the anime, you just can’t get enough of them.