A Seiyuu isn’t just a person with a voice; it’s your waifu.

Bakaramon (Mandom)

Feels good to be back. Mandom.

*Little note: This post is slightly different from the one posted on OASG due to a few added paragraphs and one rather troublesome source I didn’t add in the final version.

The brilliant idea to fangirl about Seiyuu in a post came to me one night while listening to a very special drama CD recommended to me by a fellow friend of mine. While I will avoid mentioning the content of the drama CD as a pathetic and useless way of preserving what little dignity I have, I’ll just…move along and start with the basics.

Just what the heck is a Seiyuu? A Seiyuu is a living and breathing person partly responsible (and is well aware of this) for turning you either into fanboy/girl of a certain character voiced by them, or for those who have gone in too deep, into an otaku (yeah I just went there). Continue reading