My Two Cenz #7

Uh, Gin? There’s something wrong with this shot…

There wasn’t much to say about this week’s episodes. It’s not that they were terrible, but there was nothing significant I wanted to say about them. And since I’ve informed last week on how I now plan to comment only about what I found interesting to mention every week, this My Two Cenz is pretty short this week.

My favorites this week were evidently Gintama, Beelzebub, HunterxHunter, and Working!!. If we ever get farther into the mentioned series (except Beelzebub), you might see them on here next week~!

UN-GO episode 5 :

I knew he/she wasn’t human!!! It’s a panda!

During an inauguration of a statue representing three students that sacrificed themselves in order to save a crowd, three fresh bodies are found hidden in the statue. Another case begins for our heros, and this time they have a new member to join them in their little group.

I wasn’t as much into this case compared to the last one, maybe because it moved a bit too smoothly and predicable for my taste, but it was still a satisfying episode none the less. I was mostly happy that we got to hear more (but not enough of course) about Inga and also that Kazumori
joined Inga and Shinjuurou.

Beelzebub episode 42:

Was this really a surprise? -insert last image comment from above-

Hilda, after being seriously injured in a fight against demons, is resting. Throughout that time, a frustrated Tatsumi is now determined to train and get stronger in order to be able to defeat the new enemies that appeared.

Watching Tatsumi and Beel-chan going though all that trouble to clean the Aoi dojo was quite hilarious! This episode proved three facts:

  • Tatsumi is absolutely not a smart guy;
  • Beel-chan is terribly weak;
  • Kouta (somehow) is an evil brat.

Guilty Crown episode 5:

I love this character. I think she’s much more interesting than Inori  :3

Thanks to Gai and Inori, Shu has escaped from prison but is currently affronted by a dilemma. Should he become a double agent for the government and denounce Gai, or should he accept Gai’s offer to find out how to use his power?

For the first time in five episodes, —five I tell you!!– this was actually a pretty good episode. Naturally the clichés were impossible to avoid, I notice that, but at the end it twisted into something very acceptable in my opinion. At least we can confirm that Shu is truly a weakling and needs to learn how to defend himself if he wants to survive in his new environment. I’m impatient to know how he will improve.


My Two Cenz #5

After a week and a half, my vacation ends tonight and classes will start tomorrow. Bitterly, I now notice that I haven’t completed one-third of what I had planned to do during vacation: Update my fanfiction, play my favorite Aeria games, study Japanese, and write my review posts. The only good thing is that I’m not behind in my fall anime anymore…

Three specials of completed anime have been viewed this week:

Usagi Drop episode 2.5 special 1

Ao no Exorcist special 1 and 2

Deadman Wonderland OVA

And onwards to this week’s anime. Most of them were excellent this week. Others (-cough- Guilty Crown -cough-) were not. Seriously, is it so hard to ask for a original episode? I could rant more about Guilty Crown, but will refrain from doing so. For your own good.

Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai episode 4:

Others joins the harem.

As said above, two new characters join the harem who are both special in their own way, as one would say. Possibly different from your typical megane girl in harem anime, I would say the new glasses girl is quite funny and sociable compared to the usual, overused quiet personality we usually see of her kind. As for the other one, I find her/him very entertaining.

Working! episode 4:

Hidden Durarara!! reference, right?

This episode had humor. Working! always does have humor, but this time it had humor that would actually make you roar with laughter (as it did for me). If some didn’t notice before, this time we officially learn Jun’s feelings towards Yachiyo and Machiru gets wind of it by accident.

UN-GO episode 3:

So. Inga is a magical girl?

Part one of a possible two-episode case, we get the privilege of seeing Rie help the main characters (once again) uncover the large mystery behind the death, or rather- true identity of the victim. Not much to say for a satisfying episode.

Kimi to Boku episode 4:

Friendship really is a wonderful thing.

At first, I was questioning myself why of all anime I choose Kimi to Boku as an anime to watch, but now I can understand why. Kimi to Boku is this season’s heartwarming anime (as did Usagi Drop last season). Slowly but surely, the characters are becoming more appealing to my eyes.

HunterxHunter episode 4:

And my Kilua is here!

Exemplary of a shonen anime, we get a part two of the last episode where the participants of the Hunter exam follow the Examiner. Nothing much happens until Leorio has a flashback about his past, which was probably the only interesting thing about this episode.

Gintama episode 231:

It’s over 9000! -bricked-

The first part of the episode was hilarious if you like to see Gin and Hijikata out of character. At least they were both reacting normally in their type of situation. But the second half was too much (too dirty DX). I had to skip it.

Beelzebub episode 40:

Well, she was gonna cry sooner or later.

Why? Why did they have to go out and buy potatoes?! If I ignore my emotional feelings towards this episode, this week’s Beelzebub left me speechless. A bit annoyed for the déja-vu sequence, but speechless nonetheless. So Beelzebub does have a lot of potential. At least more than Guilty Crown.

Mirai Nikki episode 3:

You’ll have to admit that scene was creepy.

Yukiteru makes the ultimate error in his case: he gets too curious about Yuno. Being the first one to change his future not once, but twice, this time the tables turn and unfortunately for Yukiteru, not in his favor. So far, Mirai Nikki is one of my fall favorites.

Persona 4 episode 4:

We’re still in the introduction arc where the main characters overcome their dark selves in order to gain a persona. For the moment, the introduction episodes are really great to watch since we find out a lot on the different backgrounds of the characters. Now to find out who’s behind the murders…

Guilty Crown episode 3:

How original.

Inori forces herself into Shu’s life: trouble ensues for him.
Inori’s nonchalant personality is reminding me more of Evangelion’s Rei and I hope the creators aren’t doing this on purpose. I’ve never been a fan of characters like her and Inori is giving me the same effet.


My Two Cenz #4

ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ Last week was a very busy week, and since I think it’s too late to make a M.T.C based on the episodes I didn’t write about, I skipped onto the next one. Many excuses. In this MTC, there won’t be my thoughts about episode 3 of Kimi to Boku nor Persona 4‘s episode – I didn’t have time to watch them yet and will do so as soon as possible. And as for C3-Cube, it has been dropped due to its lack of a logical plot.

HunterxHunter episode 3:

Entry of bizarre character number one! He has no mouth!

Today, I read on a favorite site of mine that this remake of HunterxHunter was very disliked by the original fans. Not surprising, really. This remake is targeted towards children rather than teens, so the violence has diminished greatly. Now with the Hunter exam that begins, I wonder how they will limit the gore scenes?

Gintama episode 230:

Talk about lack of privacy.

The Sakata family -as I like to call them- get cellphones. The humor wasn’t too forced in this one and I had the impression Shinpachi was more of the main character in this one rather than Kagura. Eh, changes aren’t so bad.

Beelzebub episode 39:

I never understood the deal with the eyebrows.

Remember when I said the plot thickens? Well it does when En, (Beelzebub’s older brother who obviously has a lot of issues for his young age) comes to the Human world to finish off  humanity, an order that was already given to Beelzebub.

It seems that the writers are waiting a bit before getting on to the serious part. For the moment, the episodes are centered around En having fun and Aoi, who is now aware of Beel and Hilda being demons.

Working! episode 3:

Who knows? She could be leader of the world someday with that face.

Yamada is so adorable in this episode. Such a sneeky character needs more love. But should we call this episode a Takanashi episode? He didn’t have much screen time in this episode, but his sisters did. Cute episode, but nothing more to say about it.

Mirai Nikki episode 2:

I’m going to make a collection of his expressions once the anime is over.

Two more members of the game have made their appearance in this episode, both after Yukiteru for different reasons. Ninth is pretty likable if you ignore the fact that she’s a crazy murderer.

Also, Yuno is creeping me out. Why is she totally determined to be with Yukiteru? We have yet to find out. Other than that, I’ve seen enough violence for this week.

Guilty Crown episode 2:

Hm, creepy characters are getting more popular nowadays.

We get a full explanation of what happened at the end of the first episode and we learn what Shu’s new power is. Sadly, it got boring around the second half when I was expecting some interesting background on the new character that arrived.

Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai episode 3:

I died of laughter at this scene. Didn’t know he had it in him.

Classical pool episode where Sena and the main character spend a little time together. Even if it’s rather pointless and unoriginal, I liked the fact that Sena has more in common with Kirino (in Ore no Imouto) than having the same voice actress: They’re both otaku.

UN-GO episode 2:

I can see your soul…

The vocaloid remark was impossible to miss in the beginning of the episode. Apart from that, this was another introduction episode, this time in a neutral point of view. Not much to say about this one.


My Two Cenz #3 and New Fall Anime (Part 2)

First episodes are always known to be unclear and it’s usually around the second or third episode that we begin to appreciate the series. Sometimes, we might even have to watch more episodes before being satisfied or in the worst cases, we drop it and head on to something else.

I had planned to release this second part of M.T.C just after having viewed all the of first episodes of the anime I wanted to watch during the fall season. With that done (and having dropped a few anime), here’s the last segment of My Two Cenz #3, concerning only the first episodes of all the fall anime I saw and that I’ll be continuing to watch from now on.

Guilty Crown episode 1:

I-I’m just your average boy…Please don’t hurt me!

Where the plot is planning to take us is still a bit unclear, but what I can say is this anime might have some potential…as your typical shonen. It is tough to write a summary of your thoughts after watching the first episode of something you’ve never heard of and decided to watch by pure curiosity, but Guilty Crown doesn’t seem so bad. I hope.

Mirai Nikki episode 1:

BY THE GODS. So this is what it feels like to live a lie.

So your entire future is in the hands of a simple phone diary? Awesome life, man. The pretty girl in your class is your stalker? Even better. A scary god who was supposed to be a figment of your imagination is using you to play a game where you have to kill before getting killed? Er, not so lucky…

In very short words, Mirai Nikki seems: Creepy, like a mixture of Eden Of The East and Death Note, and has fantastic art. I’m honestly impatient to see more.

UN-GO episode 1:

What a rip-off from Beauty and the Beast. I see what you did there, woman.

My third favorite of this season, UN-GO is a detective anime based on a novel written by Ango Sakaguchi, a great post-war author that was known to be very direct for attacking various taboo subjects such as the myth around the Emperor and other elements about the Japanese way of thinking. Literature lesson aside, I am seriously expecting big results from this anime.

Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai episode 1:

I’m sure Rukia would be jealous.

Not a bad beginning for a simple anime about finding friends. I can’t say I was expecting more from it, but the first episode gave off a pretty nice vibe. The Ore no Imouto reference was as clear as day — If you recognize the voices of the female main characters.

Persona 4 episode 1:

His wife must be charming.

I’ve said it before in a post of mine that I have never played the game, and my only knowledge of Persona 4 (or the other games) comes from random AMVs I see on television. The anime isn’t so bad -confusing, but what beginning isn’t?-Let’s just see where it takes us.

Kimi to Boku episode 1:

I find Kaname rather adorable.

The first half of the episode was a bit boring to watch in my humble opinion, and was close to what I felt when I first viewed Lucky Star. This is what I’m saying now, but I’m certain the main characters will warm up to me sooner or later.