Day 14 – current (or most recent) anime wallpaper

Starting with this day, the challenge becomes less interesting, at least until I get to day 20 perhaps. You can call this the period of incredibly short posts if you want, because that’s how I see it.

Wallpapers. So I have to show you my current anime wallpaper, right? I change my computer background every few days or so, and that’s something! At this moment, I have collected around 637 wallpapers since December 2008  (I think I had about 50 wallpapers before I abandoned my laptop for a home computer). The most recent ones I’ve used are created by creative fans on great websites such as animepaper.net or minitokyo.net.

The wallpaper I’m using at the moment is this:

An old wallpaper I found years ago.

The character’s face might be familiar for shojo fans: This is Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket, also known as the cat and the unloved one in the anime/manga. But I still love him no matter how hot-headed he is. He’s not my favorite Fruits Basket character -Yuki, his cousin is- but I prefer his orange wallpaper than Yuki’s violet one.

This is the Yuki version, made by the same creator. All credits go to them.

I assure you, Yuki is not a girl. I repeat, he is not a girl. I remember when I used to go all fangirly over him, but my friends would side-eye me bizarrely just because he has feminine features.

Today, after reading the new Naruto and Bleach chapter, I went on a few wallpaper sites and found a new wallpaper-credits to Yamaro on minitokyo– I will be using very soon (spoilers for Bleach):

I love Rukia’s new haircut~

You must be thinking that I only like simple wallpapers, but that’s not true. I prefer full and colorful wallpapers over simple ones.

What’s your current anime wallpaper?