About Page (Random Version)

Normal about page (as of April 2013)

Oi! Someone’s here!

Stop eating, Kagura! We have a visit!

-Sounds of shuffling, a bowl breaks, Kagura yells in the background-

Bring in Kenshin! Bring him here!

Naru senses the reader is about to click elsewhere– WAIT JUST A MINUTE!


Naru’s true and permanent face (this was just decided)! It’s burns!!

…Hello, Hello, Hello~ and welcome to What is this “Culture” you speak of? I am the creator of this blog, known as Naru. It is rather rare that anyone clicks on here, which is why we weren’t quite ready for your arrival. My sincere apologies.

…Aren’t you going to explain why you made this blog?

Oh yes, but before we go on to that, why not talk about me? Naru is a deformed way of saying the first two syllables of my very long name in Japanese. So to reassure you, the name doesn’t come from any anime (-cough- Naruto -cough-) but if I had ever decided to write my name in the correct Japanese way, it would have been similar to this name: Luffy.

  • Moi and the Japanese subculture

I should stay a bit on topic: I’ve been a lover of the Asian continent ever since I can remember. I have no idea why, since I doubt it has anything to do with my mixed origins or with my family’s hobbies. In my early childhood, I was a big fan of China regardless of the little information I knew on the country or its people, then when I approached my early teens I had what you call for most anime fans, a revelation. The bizarre-yet captivating cartoons I watched along with the everyday western cartoons was actually Japanese animation: Anime.

-the reader suddenly has an urge to click somewhere else-

Thus began my obsession with it. Years have gone by, puberty and awkward moments have left, but my love for anime has decided to stay. Thanks to anime, I also got to love the other colorful aspects of the Japanese subculture. And don’t worry, I do love the real Japanese Culture of course.

  • A blog on the Japanese subculture

I didn’t plan to write a blog about the Japanese subculture. I rarely update my fanfictions, so how would I be able to make a blog? To tell you the truth, I envied the anibloggers of the internet that seemed to all have fun and make anime-related jokes in their little pink and joyful community. I told myself that I’ll get over it soon and head on to something more awesome, like drawing anime characters and keeping it all to myself. Or even continuing my long list of favorite bishonen (Please note that I really like to talk about bishonen. Oh, and use a lot of images and gifs. OH, And I really, really like Gintama and FMA, which is why Edward is everywhere in my room and Kagura is my female representative regardless of the completely different personalities. I would rather use her brother, honestly).

-Kagura appears and fast-forwards-

But DESTINY has decided something else. In language class, on a certain day in May we had to make this embarrassing critique on a theater piece (I love going to the theater, so much better than television). We had two choices on how to turn it in to the professor: Either write it in a classical way, or post it on our blog and give the link to the professor. Being the copycat I am, I choose to do it just like my friend did: post it on a blog.


Are you finished talking, aru? Kenshin-chan’s here.

Wait, I’m not done yet! In short, this little step inspired me to make on blog. This blog was originally made to show off to my professor and random classmates that I wasn’t as anti-social as they thought (I just hated my classmates and preferred speaking to other random people), and that I could write English much better than my native language, French. But the whole plan crumbled: I decided to write my critique by using Word as always, and what did I gain in all this? An empty stinkin’ blog with nothing. I had to do something, I just had to. So why not write about everything I liked? And even better, explain what the heck I’m writing about to a poor person that stumbled upon this website and wondered what I was writing about, what were these strange words such as manga, eroge, moe and domestikku biorance?

So…err, Kenshin? Who’s he?

-insert kyahing by random 20 year old bishonen fangirls-

Kenshin Himura is the main character of a historical Shonen manga and anime of that came out around the 90’s, Rorouni Kenshin. I was a huge fan of the anime when I was little and I even had a large crush on Kenshin when he was in his ultra-special-awesome samurai battosai mode(cool story bro). If you look up, you see that there’s his face as my blog image:

I have to shamefully admit that this is actually an icon I found on the internet. I tried to search who made it, but without success I gave up. He or She is free to flame me with a comment below!

  • Last but not least: an explanation on Oro my what:

Incoming lame paragraph with horrible joke!

Oro or Oyo, is known as Kenshin Himura’s catchphrase. When I made the decision to make a blog, I wanted to include a little something on the blog that showed that I was an anime fan.

Oh really, you say?

I don’t know why, but I imagined a random conversation between Kenshin and a random person, the person not used to Kenshin’s three-lettered word saying: “Oro? Oro my what? Are you talking about my ass?”

-tonfa’d for lack of humor by Hibari

Please excuse me…I’m known to be very random yet not funny at all. No wait, that’s a bit of a lie. I’m funny in real life yet I manage to be completely weird. Or no wait, that’s not it-

Enjoy your visit!

Just can’t get enough :3

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