Why like anime?

Yu Yu HakushiAdd Video

Why do I like Anime?” A question I constantly ask myself when confronted by people who find out about my passion.

The different faces I’ve seen on them are priceless: Mostly of disgust, shock or even fear always makes me wonder if I did something wrong- something that could throw me to jail or close to it.

Of course, everyone around me (except for some close friends and my family) thinks that anime is this: Porn, little girls with giant eyes and aliens with superpowers unlike Superman’s that turn into planet-destroying monsters (Yes I’m looking at you, Goku).

Being the cool-tempered person I’m known for, I have to resist the urge to bark at that person for showing such a face.

Don't kid with me!

Got a problem with that, punk ?!

You are allowed to have a different opinion, but please don’t give me that look. You have no idea what anime truly is, nor of the possible rapid fans that are capable of burning you in front of their anime shrines. Go ahead and say you hate it behind my back, but don’t be stupid to say it in my presence.

I find anime to be a wonderful art. It’s always colorful and there are many different genres to the point that anyone can have a favorite anime. I’m personally more a manga person than a anime person, but that’s for later.

As a reply to the I’m-grossed-out look, I shrug and smile.

Thanks a lot for being nice, jerk.