Day 30 – Anime character you want to cosplay

*A* England~

Cosplaying an anime character is probably the closest thing to honoring them. Sure it might result in a few indecent costumes, but the fact that they actually did it is proof that they truly admire the character.

When I cosplayed for the first time, I was worried about how Black Butler fans would react. Was my costume decent? Did I really give off the image of Hannah Annefellows? Was my skin color right? The day I walked to the station in Hannah was really a day to remember: smiles, stares, blinks, and a glare from an overprotective mother before the train arrived…

Fortunately for me I had a small success at the Japan Expo. I was asked to pose a few times for pictures and received nice smiles from some great Sebastians.


Now that I’ve made a big step in the anime fandom (I’m not a professional cosplayer, but I’m now an amateur), I’ve decided on continuing to cosplay if I ever find interesting characters in the anime I’ll watch in the future. I do have some ideas, already…

Cutest sadistic girl -other than the ones in Higurashi- I’ve seen.

If I ever figure out how to make that umbrella of hers, I might cosplay as Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man, or not. Lulubell seems easier to cosplay though.

The idea of cosplaying Road has haunted me for years. I’m never do want to dress as a lolita, but Road’s clothes make me want to wear them — I think it must be the cute stockings she always wears.

Yay you! But mostly me! Candy? :D

And the end is here! A very big thank you to everyone who enjoyed and read this challenge! And an even bigger thank you to those who commented and liked the posts! Boo loves you~ >:{D


Day 29 – Favorite school uniform

My posts are getting shorter since we arrive at the end. Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan, I might post my ‘One Piece X Paris‘ post along with the last challenge.

Muff Nuff Um Nu Mm Wuff?! (You’re not kidding, right?!)

Like countless fans, I love school uniforms that bring out the nerd in me. I’m still a bit creeped out about that fact for obvious reasons, but if I had to pick my favorite uniform of all time, it would be the black school uniform in the Persona 3 game.

I want to play the game~

However since this is an anime challenge, I have to show my favorite anime school uniform which is from the very moe anime, Shuffle.

Somehow, I hold a deep hatred for that hat.


Day 28 – Favorite pokemon

Since I have a long day today consisting of visiting some family members even though I spent an entire week’s energy yesterday when I went to Paris, I posted this challenge up early.

Aren’t they kawaii~!

While people of my age have given up on the Pokemon franchise since long ago, I’m one of the rare ones that continue to buy the video games like little kids with big allowances. I’ve played Black, Heart Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Leaf Green, Yellow, Crystal, and Blue. I gave up the habit of always choosing fire pokemon when I started playing Diamond. So basically yeah, I’m a Pokénerd.

Typhlosion, my favorite pokemon.

I name her Emily (-ignores deadly silence-) in the Pokemon dungeon games, but in Heart Gold, since it is a he, I have given him the awesome name of Natsu because, well, it goes with his pokemon type. So don’t judge me

Only two days left? What you talkin’ about man?!


Day 27 – Favorite anime opening theme song

Wow, almost 1000 views since I began this blog. It’s not much for many bloggers who’ve been around for awhile, but it’s a nice surprise for me!

-admiration mode- I love you all!

With three days left to go before the end, I present to you this 27th one which was really fun to make: A list of my favorite openings that belong to different music genres I listen to. Of course, I can’t make a long list of all the music genres I appreciate, so I decided on those that popped up in my mind when I was writing. Hope you enjoy!

Alternative Hip-Hop:

Battlecry (Samurai Champloo) by Nujabes

Nu metal:

What’s up People (Death Note) by Maximum the Hormone

Alternative Rock:

Driver’s High (Great Teacher Onizuka) by L’Arc~En~Ciel

Visual Kei:

88 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) by LM.C


Hanaji by Yuu Kobayashi


Hit in America/Hit In the USA (Beck) by Beat Crusaders


Daia no Hana (Black Cat) by Yoriko

J-Electronic (not really):

Asterisk (Bleach) by Orange Range

Alternative Dance:

Hajimari no Hi (Letter Bee) by Suga Shikao

-sigh- My list of favorite openings goes on…But I posted the ones are that I adored the most for their art and music. Maybe one day I’ll post a list of my favorite 100 openings or something like that.


Day 26 – Your favorite harem anime

Harem is an anime genre I’m not too fond of, but as always, there are exceptions. One of them is a very popular anime that has transformed many men into the otaku of today (at least in my country), Love Hina.

I would have preferred posting a summer picture, but what I found were a little too much…Blame me for being a prude D:

While I think it’s unneeded to summarize the story, in reality I have never watched Love Hina (Go ahead and hit me). My only knowledge of it comes from the dating sim game I loved to play years ago and a friend of mine who is a big fan of it. I have thought of watching or reading it, however, something mostly keeps me from completing that action. And to think I want to watch Ah! My Goddess before the end of the week.

Nope~! My name does not come from this Naru.

From what I’ve collected, Love Hina -ahem- seems like a great anime with attaching characters and all the blah-blah you normally hear in good critics: Good art, good story, good ending. I personally have a girl crush on all the girls, especially Ms. Tsundere Naru, and Keitaro is a lovable loser that reminds us of ourselves, except for the fact that he lives surrounded by beautiful women who all have a more or less crazy crush on him.

…If I wasn’t a heterosexual girl, I would call him a lucky son of a gun.

My challenge is almost complete~! Then I’ll get to my real J-pop culture posts (once or twice a month).

Oh, I’m not into Arashi and a happy birthday to a guy who’ll never acknowledge my short existence, Jun Matsumoto. Happy 28th birthday, you sexy, sexy man.


Day 25 – Best anime villain

-gigglesnort- Today is finally my favorite day~! I couldn’t wait to smother you all show you guys my favorite anime villain. I can’t say he’s the best, but he’s pretty damn awesome in his own way. Before I present to you -insert favorite villain name- , I’ll show you who I think is one of the best anime baddies.

Yeah, -cool pose behind burning village- I like destruction, women, and fire. That’s a bad guy.

I was bound to insert something Kenshin-related sooner or later (this is oromywhat). Makoto Shishio was the first main bad guy defeated by Kenshin in the anime. If my memory is correct, the battle was held in Kyoto when Kaoru and the others went to bring Kenshin back to them.

My seven year old self used to call him a crazy pervert who was jealous of Kenshin- I was partially right. Makoto was always accompanied by a woman who didn’t understand the meaning of distance, and he was a psychotic who survived in the face of death once. Too bad he didn’t the second time, am I right?

Er, yeah…Not funny.

…We move on to the essential part of today’s post for me. The guy’s young, attractive, powerful and smart but would never be able to defeat Freiza even if he tried. We all know the only one who can do that.

If he was real, I’d be running away right now.

Kamui is the older brother of Kagura from Gintama and is a ex-space pirate captain. No one knows why, but the boy has an obsession with strong people, a trait similar to saiyans. So everything we know about him is: he kills people while smiling (to send them off with a smile as a sign of respect), covers himself in blood, attempted to kill his father and sister and has a creepy murderous stare. Awesome stuff for an 18 year old lad.

Wait until you see him lick blood…

I’m still wondering why I like him…maybe because his jokes are funny? Or is it because he’s badass? I’ll get back to you in a few Gintama episodes.

‘Cause you didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.


Day 24 – Favorite anime hero or heroine

If you’ve read the challenge up until now, you have already an idea on who my favorite anime hero can be and why. So, to spare those who might already know, I’ll present my favorite anime heroine who topped my other favorites such as Celty from Durarara and Makoto from Ghost in the Shell.

The heroine (?) of Maria+Holic, Mariya Shindo.

I wrote heroine (?) because our dear Mariya is actually a male. Scary, isn’t it? It’s not that she likes cross-dressing…she/he’s doing it for a reason that we discover later on in the first season.

Mariya is the grandchild of the headmaster of the prestigious catholic school, Ame no Kiseki in brief words, she’s super rich and popular for her graceful and kind image, regardless of the fact that she’s in his first year in Ame no Kiseki.

Did I mention she’s a sadistic under her angelic look?

Mariya’s cross-dressing life along with her maid Matsurika is all dandy until the story’s main character, Kanako, finds out that Mariya is a male: A secret that if revealed, will exclude her- er, him, definitively from Ame no Kiseki, a girl’s only school.

This is why Kanako is a daily tortured yet a comical relief character in the series. Her simple presence (and that she’s the only one who knows his secret) can bring out Mariya’s real personality: a manipulative, sadistic, female-hating, arrogant yet very intelligent and understanding person. Mariya is different from your average heroine, but the things that make her (or I can say him)unique make her one of those attaching anime heroines you just can’t forget.

Do you know a heroine who can air guitar like that?